Go Short Festival, 11-15/4/18

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
22 December 2017
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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Submission deadline
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Festival News:

The European Competition will consist of shorts in all genres that have been made in (geographical) Europe. The films are eligible for the Go Short Award for Best European Short in the four different categories. The awarded animation and fiction films also receive an Academy Award Qualifier.

The Dutch Competition is a selection of films made in the Netherlands, from which the best film will be awarded with the Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short as well as an Academy Award Qualifier. All competition films are also in the running for the Audience Award.

The Student Competition will consist of short films in all genres made in European film schools. The best film will be awarded with an Encouragement Award. All films are also competing for the Audience Award.

The Youth Competition consists out of a selection of short films, in all genres, from the above three competitions. The best film will be awarded with the Go Short Youth Award.

  • Read the festival regulations
  • There is an entry fee of 6,50 Euros per submission
  • Deadline (For films completed on or after 1 June 2017):  25 November 2017
  • Deadline (For films films that have been completed in November or December 2017 or are still work in progress):  22 December 2017
  • Submit online via the festival portal

Event Dates

  • From 11 April 2018 to 15 April 2018


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