Junaid Chundrigar and KLOMP! Animation present an action comedy that.has it all -in 2 minutes. Watch Short But Sweet (Kort maar krachtig).

A young hero has to embark on an epic quest to save a princess from an evil villain, all within an absurd short amount of time.

The film is a 2D narrative delight of dragon adventure stories, where the princess needs to be saved -and the many narrative themes to be assembled in no time at all. A comedy meta-cinematic nod to stereoscopic is also included, while the voice actors make the film an immersive experience.

Produced by KLOMP! Animation, the film originated after NetherlandsFilm Fund offered to finance a scheme of very short films to be shown at Dutch theaters (courtesy of Pathé). 

Short but Sweet was screened in front of Thor: Ragnarok in all Dutch Pathé cinemas.

DIRECTOR: Junaid Chundrigar
PRODUCTION: Lana Topalovic
SCRIPT: Junaid Chundrigar, Thijs van Domburg
ANIMATION:Junaid Chundrigar, Davor Bujakovic
CLEAN-UP & COLOR: Junaid Chundrigar, Davor Bujakovic, Jenna Bom, Lia Booi, Wiebe Bonnema, Liz el Saadany, Marjon Haasnoot
MUSIC: Jochem Weierink
SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Erik Griekspoor
VOICE ACTORS: Ruben van der Meer, Dennis Impink, Thijs van Domburg, Junaid Chundrigar, Liz el Saadany, Erik Griekspoor
TRANSLATIONS:Johanna Rousseau, Benjamin Castro, Robert Jung, Emma Sartoni

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