Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?

 The French and Noam Chomsky



4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

16-19 October 2014




Bedlam by Tom Sanders and Will Long

bedlam-kevin-pearceLoneliness becomes better when animated and musically embedded.

The Sense of Touch, Canuck Black win at 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

the-sense-of-touch-webAlso two Greek winners, Nassos Vakalis and Effie Pappa for the 4th Corfu fest. View all the winners.

Pavlatova, Marc Jousset, Polish animation at the 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

bethere-corfu-animation-festivalReview the programme highlights of the 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival, 16-19 October 2014.

ITFS 2015, Stuttgart: Call for submissions

Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (2015) is calling for entries.


Historia de Un Oso, My Stuffed Granny win 7.0 Animasyros awards

historia-de-un-osoAll the awards of the 7th Animasyros International Animation Festival and Forum, Greece.

Greek Animation: Quo Vadis?

angelos-rouvas-animasyros-fest-3oct14Greek animation has its successes, but still needs to come out of the closet.

The Boxtrolls Review: Nostalgia Rules Stop-Motion

THEBOXTROLLS OfficialPoster520Dickens, Hugo and Lewis Carroll vie for attention in the new stop-motion feature pastiche The Boxtrolls by LAIKA.

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