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Cheatin', L' Arte della Felicita, The Fake at 2014 Annecy Festival
Thursday, 24 April 2014 17:27

annecy-2014-poster520Discover the official feature film selection of the 2014 Annecy festival.


9 animation feature films will compete at the 2014 Annecy Festival.


Among them, the latest feature film (and a romance, nevertheless) by Bill Plympton Cheatin' (watch the trailer) between Ella and Jake, and magic all the way down.


cheatin1-520It is not the first time Plympton has participated at the Annecy Festival, having won twice before, for his I Married a Strange Person (1998) and Mutant Aliens (2001).


L' Arte della Felicita /The Art of Happiness is an existential and spiritual film from Alessandro Rak [read the film review at Zippy Frames] of two brothers in Naples, and their own trajectory from childhood to separation.


minisculeThe French film Miniscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants (Thomas Szabo,  Hélène Giraud), which combines 3D and live-action is the sole French film in a category usually dominated by French productions.


Asphalt Watches is a Canadian feature, already awarded at 2013 Toronto International Film Festival (Best Canadian First Feature). Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver describe a real road-trip in 2D animation within Canada, that promises a lot of raucus situations.


For a second time in a row, an animated feature from Brazil enters the Annecy competition, after Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury (Luiz Bolognesi) won the 2013 Annecy Cristal for best feature.


o-menino-e-o-mundo520O menino e o mundo by Alê Abreu details the story of a kid who discovers a fantastic world of animals-machines, yet they reflect real problems.


Last Hijack by Femke Wolting and Tommy Palotta is a hybrid of live-action and animation, and details a very real situation and problem: Somalian ship piracy. Tommy Palotta has worked with Richard Linklater in animated features Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly


The puppet film  Lisa Limone ja Maroc Orange. tormakas armulugu (Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story, by Mait Laas) is an Estonian/Finnish retake on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, yet here Romeo is an orange and Lisa a lemon.


Two Asian films are included in competition. Giovanni's Island by Mizuho Nishikubo is an anime about two brothers involved in WWII incidents.


the-fakeThe Fake by the South Korean Sang-ho Yeon (King of Pigs) is the most daring choice in the competition in terms of story.


In a rural village, a priest schemes in order to defraud his flock [watch the trailer].


The full list:


  • Asphalt Watches, Directed by: Shayne EHMAN, Seth SCRIVER Country: Canada
  • Cheatin', Directed by: Bill PLYMPTON Country: United States
  • Giovanni no Shima Directed by: Mizuho NISHIKUBO Country: Japan
  • L'arte della felicità, Directed by: Alessandro RAK ,Country: Italy
  • Last Hijack, Directed by: Femke WOLTING, Tommy PALLOTTA Country: Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands
  • Lisa Limone ja Maroc Orange. tormakas armulugu, Directed by: Mait LAAS, Country: Estonia, Finland
  • Minuscule - La Vallée des fourmis perdues Directed by: Thomas SZABO, Hélène GIRAUD Country: France
  • O menino e o mundo, Directed by: Alê ABREU, Country: Brazil
  • Saibi, Directed by: Sang-ho YEON, Country: South Korea


See also the 9 feature films out of competition:


  • Até que a Sbórnia nos separe, Directed by: Otto GUERRA, Ennio TORRESAN JR. Country: Brazil
  • Boonie Bears, Directed by: Liang DING Country: China
  • Justin and the Knights of Valour, Directed by: Manuel SICILIA Country: Spain
  • Ku! Kin-dza-dza, Directed by: Georgiy DANELIYA, Tatiana ILYINA Country: Russia
  • Luz, anima, ação, Directed by: Eduardo CALVET Country: Brazil
  • Manieggs - Revenge of the Hard Egg, Directed by: Zoltán MIKLÓSY Country: Hungary
  • Moug, Directed by: Ahmed NOUR Country: Egypt, Morocco
  • Resan Till Fjäderkungens Rike, Directed by: Esben TOFT JACOBSEN Country: Denmark, Sweden
  • Truth Has Fallen, Directed by: Sheila SOFIAN, Country: United States


See the complete lineup of selected films.


Annecy festival takes place at Annecy, France from 9 to 14 June 2014.


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