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30 September 2021 - 03 October 2021
Viborg, Denmark
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Event Description
ANIDOX and Viborg Animation Festival, have initiated a new award scheme – ANIDOX:VR Award, which distinctively addresses factual and visual storytelling in emerging media/VR. Awards include a cash prize and a residency grant for development of new works 

Viborg Animation Festival, as well as the ANIDOX:VR Award is produced and organised by The Animation Workshop, Viborg Denmark. 

2021 Call for Entries

ANIDOX present the 3rd ANIDOX:VR Awards & Exhibition – A programme uniquely addressing factual and visual storytelling in emerging media/VR.

Awards include a cash prize and a residency grant for development of new works.

The ANIDOX:VR Awards are showcased at NB Gallery (Sankt Mathias Gade 14, 8800 Viborg) as part of the 9th Viborg Animation Festival 21 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2021 Viborg, Denmark. Events include a seminar (30.09.21 13:00-15:00) with talks, panel discussions and special screenings. The exhibition is free and open to the public 01-03.10.21 10:00-18:00


  • The ANIDOX:VR Awards competition is open to all original works, immersive and/or interactive VR experiences which can be justified as an animated documentary.
  • Submissions are opened to all works completed 2020 -2021.
  • A jury made up of a number of international industry professionals from the fields of XR, cinema and the arts will evaluate the experiences that have been selected.
  • The jury will award prizes recognizing the best immersive and/or interactive works in the competition, for their contribution to innovative storytelling and production.
  • The devices that may be used to watch the experience: HTC Vive, Oculus (Rift or Quest), or Playstation VR. Only playable builds are accepted.

Materials needed:

• You will be asked to provide the following information or documents – please attach one PDF file:
o General information: title, year, genre, length, format, device, version, current state of play.
o Two synopses - 500 and 1,500 characters maximum (including spaces).
o Information on the project’s developer or developers, producer or producers (and/or co-producer or co-producers), and creative team.
o Information on the premiere and selection in other festivals.
o 2 HD images, and a video link to a trailer.
o Direct links for download of playable build.
o Please specify the devices that may be used to watch the experience (At this point we only offer HTC Vive and Oculus)
o The required dimensions (when applicable)
o Any technical or logistic information relevant to the presentation of the work (when applicable)


2020 Award Coverage


  • Hush by Vibeke Bryld, Final cut for real, DK (12 min.)
  • Minimum Mass by Raqi Syed and Areito Echevarria, Floreal films FR/NZ (20 min.)
  • Missing Pictures: Birds of Prey by Clément Deneux, Atlas V (8 min.)
  • The Dawn of Art by Pierre Zandrowic, Atlas V, FR (10. min.)

Watch the trailers:

2019 Award Coverage

The winners of the first ever ANIDOX:VR Awards:

  • Best Immersive work (1000 €): *The Scream* (Sandra Paugam and Charles Ayats / Cineteve)
  • Innovative storytelling (Residency): *Another dream* (Tamara Shogaolu / Ado Ato pictures)
  • Jury and expert panel: Klara Grunning (Swedish Film Institute), Simon Løvind (Danish Film Institute), Uri Kranot (ANIDOX) and Monica Hellström (Final cut for Real). 

In Competition:
Ayahuasca Kosmik Journey - 2019 / 18 Min / France, Luxemburg, Director: Jan Kounen, Production: Atlas V, a_BAHN, Small
Accused # 2 Walter Sisulu -  2018 /15 min. / france, Director: Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte, Production: La générale de production
Homestay -  2018 / 15 min / Canada
Directors: Paisley Smith, Jam3 and the NFB Digital Studio, Production: National Film Board of CanadaAnother dream - 2019 / 20 Min. / Netherlands Directors: Tamara Shogaolu , Production: Ado Ato pictures
The Scream - 2018 / 15 Min. / France Directors: Sandra Paugam and Charles Ayats, Production: Fabienne Servan Schreiber and David Bigiaoui

Out of competition
Songbird VR Instalaltion – 2018 / 10 Min. / United Kingdom/ Denmark Directors: Lucy Greenwell / Michelle & Uri Kranot


Event Dates

  • From 30 September 2021 to 03 October 2021