No Dogs Allowed, The Debutante, Persona in the BIAF 2022 Winners

BIAF Animation Festival winners stills

The Korean animation festival BIAF announced its winners for the 24th edition, after 5 days of festival celebrities and a lineup that included a lot of European, US and Asian gems.

The stop-motion film 'No Dogs or Italians Allowed' by Alain Ughetto won the Grand Prize. The autobiographical film, which tells the story of the director's family, has been described as “a simple and frank film that shows the director's bond with his family.”

Juries picked it as the best, commenting 'It is an understatedly beautiful film. We were deeply moved by the scene where the director's real hand moves in interaction with the animated character's hand.' 

The Jury Prize went to 'Dozens of Norths' by Koji Yamamura

Jury: 'Great animation work, you can feel the director's artistic passion and the theme is outstanding

Special Distinction Prize went to 'My Love Affair With Marriage' by Signe Baumane, and 'Perlimps' by Alê Abreu. Supported and loved by the audience, 'Little Nicholas - Happy as Can Be' took the Audience Prize.

  • Juries for Feature Film Competition: Jury President Florence Miaihle, novelist Choyeop Kim, Félix Dufour-Laperriere, Yusuke Hirota..

COCOMICS Music Prize went to 'Nayola' by José Miguel Ribeiro, a film about three generations of women and their solidarity in the Angolan Civil War. The film also won the DHL Diversity Prize, taking two awards in total.

The judges described Nayola as “a masterpiece in which the rhythm is felt throughout the play, not only the rap but the lines are also musical, and the music harmonizes well with the drawings.”

  • Juries for the Music Prize: director KWON Byungjun, actress SHIN Eunsoo.

'The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes' by Tomohisa Taguchi won the Korean Animation Studies President’s Prize and Perlimps by Alê ABREU won the Korea Animation
Industry Association Prize.

Grand Prize for a Short Film was given to 'The Debutante' by Elizabeth Hobbs.

Juries commented that the 'film makes us feel an instinctive sympathy for this girl who doesn't want to be a good girl. We witness a conservative and patriarchal society that forces this debutante, which makes her deny who she is and find no way but to let her inner hyena come out. It is the story of a time and place that may have not changed that much.'

The jury Prize went to 'Scale' by Joseph Pierce. 'Big films find their strength in general aspects as in their smallest details. Here the director focused on every detail,' the juries commented on the film.

Special Distinction Prize was given to 'Christopher at Sea' by Tom C J Brown, 'El After del Mundo' by Florentina Gonzalez, and 'Two Sisters' by Anna Budanova. 

'Run Totti Run' by Shad Bradbury won the Audience prize, and Dog - Apartment by Priit Tender won the AniB's Choice.

  • Juries for Short Film Competition: Hugo Covarrubias, Dahee Jeong, Bastien Dubois

Special awards: cocone M Prize and EBS Prize Short Film each went to 'Home of the heart' by Sarah Saidan and 'Canary' by Pierre-Hugues Dallaire and Benoit Therriault.

Persona by Sujin Moon won the Jury Prize for a Graduation Film. 'It is a unique and creative film with excellent sensuous, realistic description,' the juries remarked.

Jury Prize for TV & Commissioned Film went to 'Funny Birds' by Charlie Belin. 'House of Existence' by Yumi Joung won the Jury Prize for a Korean Short Film, and 'I am a Horse' by Chaerin Im took the Special Distinction Prize.

  • Juries for Graduation / TV& Commissioned Film / Korean Short Film: producer SEKI Hiromi, director ZHU Yantong, editor LEE Juhyun.

The winner of the Venice Immersive Grand Jury Prize, 'Main Square' by Pedro Harres, won the Jury Prize for a VR Film at BIAF2022 as well.

The 24th Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2022) took place from 21 to 25 Oct 2022 in Bucheon, South Korea. BIAF2023 will celebrate its 25th year.

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