Guilty Pleasures by Central St. Martins Students

Guilty Pleasures by Central St. Martins Students

Everybody's got that one thing that they love but feel so ashamed of. You tell me your guilty pleasure and I'll tell you mine...

From James Blunt to Disney features, and from almost abstract lines to fully-colored, lasagne-loving cats, 20 animators at Central Saint Martins (production duties by Xuanchen Fan) were both sincere, daring and inventive in their choices of what constitutes a guilty pleasure for them.

Gleefully orchestrated by Shengjun Sun, who wrote the film's soundtrack, Guilty Pleasures reminds how art can make what is guilty interesting enough to watch (even if you're not personally involved).

We asked the 20 animators to describe in a single word their feelings when making the film. Here are their answers:

Producer - Xuanchen Fan
Animation - 20 students from Central Saint Martins

Original Music - Shengjun Sun
Sound Designer - Ben Brydon
Editing - Jorge Aguilar Rojo, Gabriel Alvarez
Title Design - Sayaka Hara
Credits Design - Brogan Jones


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