Winners and Laureates of 10th StopTrik International Film Festival

Winners and Laureates of 10th StopTrik International Film Festival

As the festival organizers mention, the tenth edition of StopTrik IFF (made under special circumstances) was a challenge to organize -and they are happy to be lucky enough to do  it in the cinema.

This year we have learned that StopTrik has gotten under the skin of Maribor people, in the same sense as it has been loved and supported by the international animation community over the years. We hope to see the return of the live edition in all it's colorful ingredients next year. In the meanwhile we give a heartfelt congratulations to the winning authors of StopTrik 2020 - Olga and Michał Bobrowski

*Maribor Audience Grand Prix* International Stop Motion Competition

Machini, Tétshim & Frank Mukunday (Picha Twenty Nine Studio & Production) 2019, ITA, BEL, DRC (Kongo), 10’
By necessity and especially by the force of the machine we have become sleepwalking beings deprived of God, the damned of the earth and test subjects over the black market of history test subjects of the machine.

*Maribor Student Jury Award* International Stop Motion Competition

Sororal / Sororelle / Sestrstvo, Louise Mercadier, Frédéric Even (Papy3D Productions) 2020, FRA, 14’56”

With exceptionally intricate puppets, with minimalistic narration and with immerssion in the thick athmosphere, the film erases the closeness of the sisters, which are experiencing the transience each in her own way.

*Maribor Audience Grand Prix* and *Maribor Student Jury Award* / Borderlands Competition

Microcassette - The Smallest Cassette I’ve Ever Seen / Mikrokazeta - najmanja kazeta koju sam ikad vidio 2020, CRO, SRB, 19’15”
A hybrid of film genres charmed us with it's lightness, immediacy and humor.

Special mentions from the Maribor Student Jury*

Mother Didn’t Know / Mor visste Ingenting, Anita Killi (TROLLFILM AS) 2020, Norway, 11’17
In a subtle and carefully crafted animated film the girl's distress is presented by details. The author Anita Killi has an invetive way of interweaving the anxiety with fairytale elements.

The Flood / Wyszła z brzegów / Poplava Sofya Nabok (Likaon) 2020, POL, 9’20”
The music and the flowing sand shapes work really well each on their own, but in melting in the film the make a magical accomplishment.

The 10th StopTrik festival continues in Lodz, 6-8 November 2020.

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