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Watch 'Marcel' and the Oscar-shortlisted Animation Shorts at The Animation Showcase

Watch 'Marcel' and the Oscar-shortlisted Animation Shorts at The Animation Showcase

The industry streaming platform The Animation Showcase is a traveling film screening collection, showcasing animated short films. Started in 2016, intends to spot upcoming creative talents in the animation industry and promoting animation in the creative industry

The 15 animation shorts currently shortlisted for an Academy Award will feature in the platform till 24th January (the day of the Academy Awards nominations announcement).

Plus, the indie animation feature 'Marcel the Shell With Shoes On'  by  Dean Fleischer Camp will be available to watch in its entirety -including making ofs (courtesy of A24). Read Our Review of 'Marcel'.

While the feature films are widely accessible from theatrical release and major streaming platforms during the Award Season, the short films are often much more difficult to access. Therefore, we couldn’t be more proud to feature the complete collection of Shortlisted Animated Shorts for free, available to all the members of the animation and motion picture industry-  Benoit Berthe Siward, The Animation Showcase CEO

Other making-of in the platform include the special 36-minute Guillermo Del Toro’s special making-of (Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio: Handcarved Cinema) and other Netflix titles 'Wendell & Wide' s making-of, DreamWorks’ 'The Bad Guys Q&A' and Pixar’s features 'Turning Red' and 'Lightyear' featurettes.

The platform was used last year to screen to the industry the 3-time OscarNominated animated documentary 'Flee' by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, and to premiere & release worldwide 'The Windshield Piper',  the Academy Award Winner in Best Animated Short Film in 2022.

All the Animation & motion picture industry members and students can easily (and free) join the platform by following the portal and providing valid proof of work.

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