Latvian Animation by Anna Zača: Authorial Voices Going Strong

Anna Zača portrays the contemporary Latvian animation scene. 

Norway by Anders Narverud Moen: Building An Animation Industry

Anders Narverud Moen, director of Fredrikstad Animation Festival, portraits contemporary Norwegian animation.

Cyprus by Yiorgos Tsangaris

Yiorgos Tsangaris, Artistic Director of Animafest Cyprus, portraits Cyprus, a country with a rich cultural legacy and turbulent contemporary history.

Serbia by Milen Alempijević

Milen Alempijević, art director of Animanima festival in Čačak, writes about contemporary Serbian animation.

Czech Republic by Pavel Horáček: It looks hopeful

Pavel Horáček, programme director of International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm explores the contemporary animation scene in Czech Republic.

Italy by Chiara Magri

Chiara Magri, co-ordinator of the animation program at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (National Film School), Torino, investigates the Italian contemporary animation scene.

Croatia by Daniel Šuljić

Daniel Šuljić, filmmaker and artistic director of the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest  Zagreb, explores the contemporary Croatian animation scene.

Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels, Oh, Willy... (2012)

Belgium by Philippe Moins

Philippe Moins, Founder of Anima Festival, writer and Artistic Consultant writes about Belgium.

Slovenia by Igor Prassel

Slovenian animated film – a blossoming era. Igor Prassel portraits Slovenia.


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