Annecy Feature Animation Selection 2023

Annecy Festival 2023: 11+12 Animation Features Selected

Discover the official selection for feature animation films of the 2023 Annecy Festival.

Animocje Festival 2023 winners

'Garrano', 'Impossible Figures', 'Letter to A Pig' in the Animocje Festival Winners 2023

Discover the winners of the Polish animation festival Animocje and its 2023 edition.

Anifilm Festival 2023 highlights

Anifilm Festival 2023: From Japan Back to the Czech Roots

Discover the programme highlights of the 2023 Anfilm Festival in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Barry Purves Gets Honorary Annecy Cristal, LGBTIQ+ Annecy Programme Introduced

The Oscar-nominated stop-motion director will get awarded by the French animation festival.

Georges Schwizgebel Designs the International Animation Day 2023 Poster

Georges Schwizgebel Designs the International Animation Day 2023 Poster

The acclaimed Swiss animation filmmaker and artist Georges Schwizgebel creates the visual identity for the IAD 2023 Poster.

GoEast Festival Celebrates Indie Animation

goEast Film Festival 2023 Showcases Independent Animation

Some contemporary gems of independent and animation (and also animation retrospectives) in the 2023 edition of goEast Film Festival.

Monstra Lisbon festival 2023 report

MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival 2023: Top Picks

Eliane Gordeeff reports from the 2023 MONSTRA - The Lisbon Animation Festival.

Annecy Festival 2023: Selected animation shorts

Annecy Festival: Selection Results for Short Films 2023 (Complete Lineup)

Discover the Annecy Festival selection for short films for the festival's 2023 edition.

Animafest Zagreb selection results

Animafest Zagreb: Selection Results 2023

The complete lineup of animation shorts that were selected at the 2023 Animafest Zagreb festival.

Anima Festival 2023 report

On Actuality Undercurrents and Art-Self-Reflections: Notes On the Anima Brussels 2023 Shorts Programs

Mikhail Gurevich reports from the latest edition of Anima Fesival Brussels (17-26 February 2023).

Keep Festive Initiative for Animation Film Festivals

Introducing the Keep Festive initiative for animation and film festivals that will help with harassment prevention.

Anima Festival Brussels 2023 Winners

'Letter to A Pig', 'Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman' Win at Anima Brussels 2023 (Complete Winners' List)

Find the complete list of animation winners at the Belgian Anima Festival (17-26 February 2023).


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