Red Zone animation feature film still

CEE Animation Workshop 2024: Selected Projects

Discover the animation projects selected for the sixth edition of CEE Animation Workshop 2024.

Next Lab Generation projects collage

20 Animation Projects for the NEXT LAB Generation

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Discover the animation projects to be pitched during the Next Lab Generation 4th edition.

Dahee Jeong at Animateka Festival 2023

Between Stillness and Speed: Dahee Jeong’s Masterclass at Animateka Festival 2023 (GoCritic! Review)

Natália Azevedo Andrade reports from the  Dahee Jeong Masterclass at the recent Animateka Festival 2023.

Naomi van Niekerk still from Animateka Festival 2023

Performer in the Shadows: Naomi van Niekerk's Masterclass at Animateka Festival 2023 (GoCritic! Review)

Oleksandra Kalinichenko reports from animation artist Naomi van Niekerk and her masterclass at Animateka Festival 2023.

Nightbloom by Kata Gugic animation film still

'Nine Lives Left', 'Nightbloom' in the CEE Animation Forum 2023 Winners

Discover all the winners of the CEE Animation Forum 2023.

CEE Animation Forum 2023 film collage

4 Animation Projects to Look for in the CEE Animation Forum 2023

Vassilis Kroustallis previews four animation projects to be presented in the CEE Animation Forum, from cats to queer-themed wrestlers.

3 geNarracje by Paulina Ziolkowska film still

Polish School of Animation Project: Bringing Old and New Polish Animation Directors In Dialogue

A comprehensive programme on upcoming and acclaimed Polish animation directors, currently screening around the international festival world.

Animarkt Stop Motion Forum 2023 Winners

Animarkt Stop Motion Forum 2023: Winners

Discover the full list of the 8th Animarkt Stop Motion Forum awards.

Animarkt Stop Motion Forum 2023

Animarkt Stop Motion Forum 2023: A Rich Programme

The 2023 edition of Animarkt Stop Motion Forum presents a varied programme on all aspects of stop-motion.

Anima Tbilisi 2023 Conference

Anima Tbilisi 2023 Report: Unearthing The Georgian Animation Cabinet of Secrets

Vassilis Kroustallis reports from Georgia and the second animation conference Anima Tbilisi 2023.

Maria Boua composer for animation

Maria Boua: Music & Animation

A young composer specifically for writing animation in films: Maria Boua.

No Dogs or Italians allowed animation feature in the Cartoon Tributes Winners 2023

'No Dogs or Italians Allowed', 'Oink', In the Cartoon Tribute Winners 2023

Check out the European animation industry awards and Cartoon Tribute winners at the recent Cartoon Movie (Bordeaux, 9th March 2023) event.


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