Consultancy and Festival Submissions for Animation Shorts

Consultancy and Festival Submissions for Animation Shorts

What We Do:

We join your animated film with the right animation festivals for your film. It's a matchmaking process that we propose for you as a filmmaker and your film towards both animation festivals and animation pitching events. We prepare a festival roadmap for you to follow.

Zippy Frames joins forces with Scheriaa Productions to chart and consult on the animation festival navigation map, and FestAgent film distribution agency to implement the festival submission process with the utmost efficiency,

Why It Is Essential:

Animation films, most of them in the short variety, can usually travel everywhere and effortlessly, without any premiere status. Yet, the fact that they can travel is no proof that they do travel, at least as efficiently as they could. While some films understandably get the big attention everywhere in the festival circuit, there are films that could benefit more if they had a more focused approach on where their filmmakers really want them to be. With everyone targeting the exact same group of festivals (and with festivals receiving an ever-increasing number of submissions), it is essential to know your way through festivals -even if you have to submit to most of them.

How The Consultancy Works

  1. You submit your film and we watch it
  2. We arrange an online consultancy section
  3. We present you with a plan of action that includes:
  • the films first and alternative choices of festival premieres
  • not-to-miss festival participations
  • a detailed map of festival /event nodes to follow that could actually prove beneficial to your film's visibility and career

Festival Submissions

  • Submit entry forms, track results, help to organize your visit to the festival.
  • Developing festival distribution strategy in collaboration with directors and producers and select festival list for months ahead.
  • Submitting festival entry forms due to list and deadlines of the festivals.
  • Delivering all necessary info for festivals for their printed catalogues and dcp copies for screenings. Coordination of the communication in case

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More Info and FAQ below:

        Request Consulting & Festival Submissions

Our Partners:

Scheriaa Productions is an Estonian film production company, established in 2016. It has produced  a 2D animation short (Verikoka, dir. Spyros Siakas, in co-production with ARTEC TEI of Athens) and has in development two animation shorts (The Sea Tranced Isle, Mar(t)y). Its client services include animation festival and event consultancy and strategy, and story development services. 

FestAgent is a leading film festival distribution agency, established in 2010, based in Moscow. Services provided by agency covers full circle of festival distribution: promotion, dcp's, poster design and subtitling. Portfolio includes over 500 films.


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