Flipbook Film Festival, 7-9 Aug 2020

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07 August 2020 - 09 August 2020
Skopje, North Macedonia
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Festival Description

Flipbook Film Festival is an annual cultural event devoted specifically for animated films made by European authors. The Festival comprises screenings of the latest works of the European animated production, exhibitions of various artists, masterclasses, workshops led by professionals, panels, debates, meetings with filmmakers and concerts.

Due to recent Corona virus outbreak,  the dates of the festival (May 28 to May 31, 2020) will be postponed to late August. The festival plans an outdoor event, outdoor screenings and in the same time we will have an online edition of the festival on the VoD platform Cinesquare.

2020 Festival Coverage


Main Competition

1. SH_T HAPPENS: This small, yet big film, with a seemingly easy technique will make you wonder: is this some big studio production? The perfect blend of nostalgic animation and tragi-comic narrative paints an intimate perspective of life’s ever-present dualities, love and passion, life and death, meaning and absurdity. A reminder of the Czech and Slovakian animation domination from a different era that is slowly but certainly coming back.

QUARANTINE (special mention): With an interesting mix of traditional stop-motion and contemporary 3D CGI aesthetics, this animated short film shows us one very present ambience for all of us but through a comic prism that gives us a little breather and laughter in this confining everyday life. Masterfully done animation by a group of young authors that suggests that the golden age of Macedonian animation is yet to come.

Student Competition

1. COCKPERA: A bold drawing technique with a dynamic yet elegant animation. With humor and eroticism that transcends the drawings that it came from. Jumping between several media and genres, it manages to capture the overall perception. This student film seems like it came out of the golden days of Zagreb animation, but with its youthful vigor of today, it announces a new dominance of the Croatian animated film.

1. THE KITE (Special mention): Czech stop-animation at its best. Perfect character and set design. With its subtle animation it manages to convey the interpersonal intimacy and relationships that transcend time-space, life and beyond. A film that pushes the lines between student and professional production. The tradition of Jiří Trnka lives on!

Ani Doc

1. CARLOTTA’S FACE: The film is made with an artistic expression that intertwines with the narration, creating an amalgam of a document and a work of art. It allows us to experience intimately the narrative through which it leads us and creates empathy with the bearer of the action.

A CAT IS ALWAYS FEMALE (Special mention): A successful animated translation of the sculptural medium. It sheds light on a struggle for creative expression and gender equality in a profession and time under male dominance. Bold plunging of animation in sculptural medium and documentary film area.

2020 Call for entries (Archive)

Eligibility: Any European animated film, European Student animated film and European animated documentary film completed after January 01, 2018 can participate.  To be considered for one of the competitions, the duration of the films must be less than 20 minutes (including credits).

Awards and prizes

  • Best European Animated Short Film
  • Best European Animated Student Short Film
  • Best European Animated Documentary Film


Event Dates

  • From 07 August 2020 to 09 August 2020