Our Fest Stop Motion Festival, March 2020 (Dates TBC)

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
20 March 2020 - 23 March 2020
Buenos aires, argentina
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Submission deadline
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2020 Dates to be confirmed, Call for Entries to Follow

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Festival Description:
It will be the contest’s theme to create a short animation using the STOP MOTION technique. The works selected as finalists by the jury, will be screened within the activities of the Stop motion Festival Argentina that will take place from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23 March 2019at the Haroldo Conti Cultural Center of Memory of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The contest is open, with no age limit.  individual or collective character.

Call for entries:

The following categories will be awarded:
-Best Latin American stop-motion short.
-Best international stop-motion short.
-Best short topic "the woman”
-Best videoclip animation.
-Best animation series.
-Best short “future animator”.

1. The short film should be done using the stop motion technique, within all its variables, pixilation, cut out, claymation, etc.
2. The realization support will be: mobile phone, camera, tablet, and a video editing program.
3. Registration for the contest will be online and free of charge through:
5. The participants can present their work individually or collectively.
6. The works must be original with the free use of music rights.
7. Works that have been made from 2015 to the present can participate.
8. Works (made since 2015) that have been registered in previous editions and have not been selected in them may participate.
9. The official language of the Festival is Spanish. In the event that the work includes dialogues in any other language, a text or subtitle file in English or Spanish (.srt) must be attached.
10. Those selected will be notified via email. All the selected works will be named on the FB page, and the festival website.
11. The festival dissociates itself from the screening rights of the submitted films, and will not pay the screening fee for the selected works. The projections of the selected works will have free admission for the public.
12. The filmmakers will not be able to withdraw their works until the end of the festival.

From October 5, 2018 to December 20, 2018.

  • Entry Form

    The jury will be made up of outstanding professionals from the field of national and international animation. The decision of the jury is unappealable.

    The winners will receive a diploma and trophy of the festival. The participation in the contest supposes the acceptance of the bases.



Event Dates

  • From 20 March 2020 to 23 March 2020

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