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Quirino Awards and Co-Production Market 2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
25 May 2021 - 27 June 2021
Tenerife, Spain
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

2020 Qurino Awards  & Co- Production Market Coverage


25th MAY PRESS CONFERENCE: Monday May 25th at 11:00 GMT + 1

Press conference to kick off the 3rd edition of the Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards from the Cabildo de Tenerife. It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Cabildo de Tenerife channel:

Meeting with all the Ibero-American associations of animation production companies and creators and the Technical Unit of the Ibermedia Program.
Participating associations: Animar Cluster, Argentine cluster of animation, VFX and immersive technologies companies; APA, Córdoba Animation Producers Association; Bolivian Animation Network; ABCA, Associação Brasileira de Cinema de Animação; ANIMACHI Chile; GEMA Colombia, Animation Companies Group; Animation Costa Rica; Animation Group of Ecuador; DIBOOS; SAVE; Creative Jalisco; ACDMX, Association of Digital Creatives of Mexico; PIXELATL; Paraguay Animation; Peru Animation, Casa da Animaçao Portugal.
*closed activity

26th MAY to 26th  JUNE
Scheduled meetings among the more than 90 participating companies from 19 countries. Some of the confirmed distributors and channels are Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Disney TV Animation, Adult Swim, Zodiak Kids, Pakapaka, PGS, GFM Films or Toonz Media.
*closed activity

The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards together with Animation! Ventana Sur (Argentina) and Pixelatl Festival (Mexico), joined forces to create La Liga, the Ibero-American Animation League. This alliance responds to the objective shared by the three events to promote the creation and development of audiovisual projects across the region, consolidating collaboration bonds among Ibero-American countries.

he first part will be a talk with the members of the Ibero-American Animation League, in which Silvina Cornillón (Animation! Ventana Sur), José Iñesta (Pixelatl) and Jose Luis Farias (Quirino Awards) will announce news about this alliance of events at the Ibero-American level.
In the second part, the Chilean Catalina Fontecilla and Javiera Risco will present ‘Firsts’ (Typpo Creative Lab), a series project in development that won the award given by La Liga at Ventana Sur 2019, and which implies participation in Pixelatl and Quirino Awards with the aim of accelerating its production and promoting its internationalization.

It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

From June 1st to 14th, the finalists for best school short film and other titles that have gone through Quirino can be watched on Retina Latina and Filmin platforms.

*Retina Latina is a digital platform for viewing Latin American cinema, of a public nature, free and legal access for citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean, with part of its collection open to the world. The platform is made up of cinematographic entities from Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay under the coordination of the Cinematography Directorate of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. To watch the Quirino special you can register for free at

*Filmin is an award-winning online cinema and series platform that has been operating in Spain since 2008 and in Portugal since 2016 with the support of MEDIA Creative Europe, being the first company to offer a flat-rate service in Spain. Filmin is currently also available in Mexico through FilminLatino, a platform created in collaboration with IMCINE. The Quirino Awards channel on will be free for all its subscribers.

Round table on the situation of women in Ibero-American animation. With the participation of RAMA - Argentine Women of Animation Group, MIA - Women in the Animation Industry and MUMA - Women in the World of Animation.
Moderator: Silvina Cornillón, Animation! Ventana Sur Coordinator
Speakers: Romina Savary (RAMA), Alicia Núñez Puerto (MIA) and Renata García Patiño (MUMA)

RAMA, Argentine Women of Animation Group, is a diverse and broad collective that brings together working women from different fields of animation. It works horizontally and supports ideals of brotherhood and mutual support. It proposes promoting equal employment opportunities and critically analyzing the vision of women in animated stories.

MIA is an open and multidisciplinary association that was born in 2018 focused on the participation of women in the animation industry and in its several areas of decision. From MIA, we work to reduce inequality by providing visibility, evidence and action, and to guarantee stereotype-free content.

MUMA is a group of women who are part of the animation industry in Mexico and whose purpose is to promote, show and encourage the work of more women from Latin America throughout the world.

Romina Savary is a Production Technician in Audiovisual Media, graduated from the Film and TV department of the National University of Córdoba. She works as a general producer with extensive experience in the development and production of audiovisual content for documentary, fiction and animation. His most recent productions include the animation series "La Comarca de Julián", "Operas para Soñar"; "Antón y el Mundo Raro" and "Bugstin". In the documentary area, the Documentary Feature Films "Primera Luz" by Juan Darío Almagro, "El Pintor y su Doble" by Santiago Sein and "La Invención de Castagno" by Sebastián Gilli y Pablo Checchi. She is a founding member of APA (Association of Animation Producers of Córdoba) and founding member of RAMA (Argentine Women of Animation Group).

Alicia Núñez chairs MIA, the Association of Women in the Animation Industry in Spain. Writer and producer, she has worked on more than 25 animation projects for companies such as Aardman Animations, Ánima Estudios or BRB Internacional. Currently, she also directs the Department of Feature Film Development of Ánima and is a full member of the Spanish Film Academy.

Renata García Patiño is a storyboard artist and illustrator with more than 7 years of experience in the animation industry. She has worked in animated advertising projects, feature films and animated series working in different areas such as storyboard, animation clean up, visual development, character development, among others. She is currently Storyboard artist in house for Ánima Estudios, participating in projects such as the Netflix series "Legend Quest: Masters of Myth", "The League of 5" and some of the installments of the "The Legends" saga. She is also a freelance illustrator and professor of Digital Illustration for the Bachelor of Multimedia Design at UTECA University. She is a founding member of MUMA (Women in the World of Animation).

It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

4th JUNE VIDEO GAME FINALISTS TALK: Thursday, June 4nd at 19:00. CET / GMT + 2
Talk with the three finalists for best animation for video game: “Gris” by Nomada Studio (Spain), “Shadow Brawlers” by Guazú (Argentina) and “Very Little Nightmares” by Alike Studio (Spain).
It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

9th JUNE SUSTAINABILITY IN ANIMATION: Tuesday June 9th at 19:00 CET / GMT + 2
The Tenerife Film Commission, Quirino Awards and Welaw will make an introduction about the measures that can be carried out to make a production sustainable. Then the Tenerife production companies La Casa Animada, Tomavision, Mondo TV, In Efecto, B Water and 3 Doubles will talk about the projects they are currently developing and how the animation has not stopped during the state of alarm by Covid19.

It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

10th JUNE Sponsored by HP NEW TECHNOLOGIES APPLIED TO ANIMATION PRODUCTION Wednesday: June 10th at 19:00 CET / GMT + 2
n this talk we will analyze the tools and processes related to the new technologies that have influenced the evolution of animation from remote team management, crowdsourcing, new VR tools or video game technologies applied to animation.
Moderator: Raul Colomer, CG Tech. Supervisor at In Efecto
Speakers: Andrés Aguilar (Mate), Juan Cañada (Epic Games) and Francisco Delgado (HP)

Francisco Delgado is Commercial Director of the Value Computing Area at HP. He has more than 40 years of experience working with graphics computing solutions in leading companies in the sector such as Intergraph, Compaq or now HP, accompanying many clients in their digital transformation in both the audiovisual and engineering sectors.

Andrés Aguilar (Ichi)
is a visual communicator, 3D artist, cultural manager, director and partner at MATTE CG. He has a long experience in animation and VFX production for advertising. He is also co-director of ‘Afterwork’, the most successful Ecuadorian animation short film in recent years, his work has been selected in more than 90 festivals and has won in 19 festivals around the world such as Malaga, Animago, Animayo and Siggraph. He recently finished his first VR short film “Once Upon a Time in Ekuar” which will start his festival circuit very soon. He is passionate about CGI and technology.

Juan Cañada
is Lead engineer at Epic Games, where he leads the tracing development in the Unreal Engine engineering team. Before, Juan was head of the Visualization Division at Next Limit Technologies, where he led the Maxwell Render team for more than 10 years. He also was a teacher of data visualization and big data at the IE Business School.

It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

11th JUNE SHORT FILM FINALISTS TALK: Thursday, June 11th at 19:00. CET / GMT + 2
Interviews with the finalists for the best Ibero-American animation short film: ‘The Cubicbird’ directed by Jorge Alberto Vega and produced by La Valiente Estudio, Cintadhesiva Comunicaciones, Animaedro Estudio De Animación (Colombia); ‘Purpleboy’ directed by Alexandre Siqueira and produced by Bando à Parte, Rainbox Productions, Ambiances ... Asbl, Luna Blue Film (Portugal, Belgium, France); and ‘Uncle Tomas: Accounting for the Days‘ directed by Regina Pessoa and produced by Ciclope Filmes, ONF / NFB, Les Armateurs (Portugal, Canada, France).
It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

17th JUNE PITCH PROJECTS LA LIGA IN ANNECY: Thursday, June 17th at 17:00. CET / GMT + 2
The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards together with Animation! Ventana Sur (Argentina) and Pixelatl Festival (Mexico), joined forces to create La Liga, the Ibero-American Animation League.
This alliance responds to the objective shared by the three events to promote the creation and development of audiovisual projects across the region, consolidating collaboration bonds among Ibero-American countries.

In addition to the winning project of the special La Liga contest at the Quirino Awards, ‘Winnipeg, the Ship of Hope’, co-production between Chile (El Otro Film), Spain (La Ballesta and 3 Doubles) and France (Marmitafilms), in La Liga in Focus Annecy the winners of Animation! Ventana Sur will be presented: the series 'Firsts' by Typpo Creative Lab & Pájaro (Chile) and 'The Little Kites' by Mono Animation (Brazil) and the feature films 'The Bird Kingdom' by Lupa Filmes & Amoria Studio (Brazil) and 'Coda' by JPZtudio (Argentina) and Zumbástico Studios (Chile).
It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

23rd JUNE SERIES FINALISTS TALK:  Tuesday, June 23rd at 19:00 CET / GMT + 2
Interviews with the finalists for the best Ibero-American animation series: ‘Cubs’ directed by Mélia Gilson & Camille Authouart and produced by VIDEOLOTION, Praça Filmes, Jpl Films (Portugal, France); ‘Momonsters’ directed by Javier Martínez & Alberto Martínez and produced by Big Bang Box, KD Toons & Games, 3Doubles Producciones, Vitotito Animation, TVE and Antaviana Films (Spain); “Space Chickens in Space” directed by Tommy Vad Flaaten & Markus Vad Flaaten and produced by Ánima, Cake Entertainment, Disney (Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia); ‘Tainá and the Amazon’s Guardians’ directed by André Forni and produced by Hype, Sincrocine (Brazil).

t will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

25th JUNE FEATURE FILM FINALISTS TALK: Thursday June 25th at 19:00 CET / GMT + 2
Interviews with the finalists for the best Ibero-American animation feature film: ‘Turu, the Wacky Hen’ directed by Víctor Monigote & Eduardo Gondell and produced by Tandem Films, Producions a Fonsagrada, Gloriamundi Producciones, Brown Films, Pampafilms, Argentina Sonofilm, Mediabyte, In Post We Trust , Malditomaus (Spain, Argentina); ‘Klaus’ directed by Sergio Pablos and produced by The SPA Studios, Atresmedia Cine (Spain); ‘The Longleg’ directed by Mercedes Moreira and produced by Eucalyptus Animación (Argentina); and ‘Reconciliation Stories’ directed by Carlos Santa & Rubén Monroy and produced by Carlos Santa, Rubén Monroy (Colombia).

It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

27th JUNE PHOTOCALL: June 27th at 19:30 CET / GMT + 2
Finalists, jury, committee, collaborators, forum participants, speakers from online conferences, professionals from the island, ... will go through the animated photocall that will lead to the awards ceremony.
It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

27th JUNE AWARDS CEREMONY: June 27 at 8:00 p.m. CET / GMT + 2
Awards ceremony for the 3rd edition of the Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards. The winners of the 9 categories will be announced: feature film, series, short film, school short film, animation commissioned film, animation for video game, visual development, animation design and sound design and original music.

It will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Quirino Awards channel:

A total of 22 works from ten countries in the region will compete for the statuettes of these awards created in 2018 to promote Ibero-American animation. The Portuguese animation is the most represented with ten nominations, while Spain presents seven finalists, followed by Argentina (6), Brazil (4), Colombia (2), Bolivia (2) and Chile (1), Mexico (1), Paraguay (1) and Uruguay (1). The finalist works were selected by an international jury among 219 works received in the call.
All Quirino Awards activities will run from May 26th to June 27th, 2020.


The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards have announced the finalist works in the nine categories of its third edition, which will be held on April 18th in the island of Tenerife. The announcement was made this afternoon at Casa de América in Madrid, in a press conference in which José Gregorio Martín Plata, Island Councilor of the Area of Territory Planning, Historical Heritage and Tourism of the Cabildo de Tenerife; Beatriz Navas, Director of ICAA, Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts; Pablo Conde, Director of Fashion, Habitat and Cultural Industries of ICEX, Spain Export and Investment; Elena Vilardell, Technical and Executive Secretary of the Ibermedia Program; and José Luis Farias, Coordinator of the Quirino Awards; in addition to representatives of the embassies of Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and Portugal.

A total of 22 works from nine countries in the region will dispute the statuettes of this third edition. Productions from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal and Spain will opt for the Quirino Awards in the nine categories in a selection that reflects the international projection of Ibero-American animation and has a broad representation of films oriented to young and adult audience.

The Portuguese animation is the most represented with ten candidates, while Spain presents seven finalists, followed by Argentina (6), Brazil (4), Colombia (2), Bolivia (2), Chile (1), Mexico (1) and Paraguay (1). The Portuguese school short film "Nestor", co-produced with the United Kingdom, is the work with more nominations (4); followed by the Spanish feature film "Klaus" and the Portuguese short film "Uncle Thomas Accounting for the Days", with three nominations each.

The selection has been made by an international jury composed of the Colombian Alfredo Marun (Development Director at Disney Television Animation); Polish Anja Franczak (Creative Producer in Human Ark); the Salvadorian Simon Vladimir Varela (Production Designer and Visual Development Artist for several studios, including Pixar, Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Animation, Fox and Universal); the American Vera Verba (Manager of the Sesame Workshop YouTube Channel) and the French Veronique Encrenaz (Director of MIFA Annecy).

The four feature films that qualify for the Quirino Award are: the Argentine-Spanish co-production “Turu, the Wacky Hen”, by Víctor Monigote and Eduardo Gondell; the Argentine “The Longleg” by Mercedes Moreira; the Colombian “Reconciliation Stories” by Carlos Santa and Rubén Monroy; and the Spanish "Klaus" by Sergio Pablos.

For its part, the finalist series are the Portuguese “Crias - Crocodiles”, co-produced with France; the Spanish "Momonsters"; the Mexican “Space Chickens in Space”, co-produced with the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia; and the Brazilian “Tainá and the Amazon's Guardians”.

In the short films category, the candidates are the Colombian “The Cubicbird” by Jorge Alberto Vega and the Portuguese “Purpleboy” by Alexandre Siqueira, co-production with Belgium and France, and “Uncle Thomas Accounting for the Days” by Regina Pessoa, co-production with Canada and France

In the category of school works, the finalist works are the Bolivian “Gravedad” by Matisse Gonzalez (co-production with Germany); the Portuguese "Nestor" by João Gonzalez (co-production with the United Kingdom) and the Brazilian "I Guess It Went Something Like That" by Giovanna Muzel Da Paixao.

The categories of commissioned film and visual development stand out, in which the finalists come from a single territory. Three Argentine pieces will compete for the Best Commissioned Film Award: “In Your Hands”, “Mate?” and "We Have Voice" (being Mate? Co-production with Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay); while three Portuguese works opt for the Best Visual Development Award: "Nestor", "The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay" and "Uncle Thomas Accounting for the Days".

In addition, nine other works opt for the Quirino Award in the categories of animation design, sound design and original music and the novelty in this edition, animation for video game. The list of all the finalist works can be seen here.

The third edition of the Quirino Awards received a total of 219 works


2019 Coverage 

2019 Pre-selection Stage Announced

After the closing of its call last December 8th, the II Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards enter the stage of selection of works. A total of 244 feature films, series and short films from 16 countries have been submitted to the second edition of these awards, which seeks to highlight the talent and the Ibero-American animation industry.

With 60 and 49 works respectively, Spain and Brazil lead the number of applications. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic are joining these awards for the first time, expanding the list of countries in the "Quirino space". The second edition of these awards, which have the main sponsorship of the Cabildo de Tenerife through the Tenerife Film Commission, will take place on April 6th 2019 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

This first balance of the closing of entries has been announced by José Luis Farias, promoter of the awards, this Wednesday December 12th in the framework of Ventana Sur, the market co-organized by the Marché du Film de Cannes and the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales de Argentina (INCAA), which celebrates its tenth edition from 10th to 14th December in the city of Buenos Aires.

Portugal and Mexico have been the countries that have increased the number of applications the most, followed by Brazil; while works from Spain and Colombia have descended the most. In total, 18 animation feature films, 35 series and 96 short films have been presented.

Among all the postulated works, a committee will select six nominees per category, which will be announced in January 2019. The committee is composed by the Polish Agnieszka Kowalewska, the Irish Barry O'Donoghue, the French Loïc Porter and the Spanish Paco Rodríguez and Zulay Rodríguez. Among the selected works, an international jury will choose three finalists in each category, which will be those who will aim for the awards that will be given on April 6th in Tenerife.

The awards have the following nine categories: feature film, series, short film, school short film, innovative work, commissioned film, sound design and original music, visual development and animation design.


About the Quirino Awards
The awards are named after the creator of the first animated feature film in history, the Italian-Argentine Quirino Cristiani, who in 1917 directed "The Apostle"; an Argentine production in which 58,000 drawings made by hand and shot in 35 mm were used, in addition to several models representing public buildings and the streets of the city of Buenos Aires.

The Quirino Awards, which have the main sponsorship of the Cabildo de Tenerife through the Tenerife Film Commission, reflect the determined commitment that has been made for years to animation on the island. This commitment also materializes in concrete actions to support the blooming local industry, assistance to major international markets and the promotion of the "Tenerife Isla Cartoon" brand, specific to this sector.

The initiative also has the sponsorship of ICEX Spain Export and Investments, City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tangram Solutions; the collaboration of ICAA, AECID, Ibermedia Program, Brazilian Hispanic Cultural Foundation, Embassy of Brazil, Embassy of Portugal, Auditorium of Tenerife and RTVE; and the support of DIBOOS, SAVE, Pixelatl, 3D Wire, Ventana Sur Animation!, La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana (the Ibero-American Animation League), Casa de América and Annecy Festival, as well as the associations: APA - Association of Animation Producers of Cordoba Argentina; ANIMAR CLUSTER - Argentine Animation Cluster & VFX; ABCA - Associação Brasileira de Cinema de Animação; Animachi Chile; GEMA Colombia - Animation Entrepreneurs Group; Guild of Animators of Ecuador; ACDMX - Association of Digital Creatives of Mexico; Peru Animation and Casa da Animaçao of Portugal.



Event Dates

  • From 25 May 2021 to 27 June 2021
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