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TIAF - Tbislisi International Animation Festival, 7-10 Nov 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
07 November 2020 - 10 November 2020
Tbilisi, Georgia
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Festival Description:

TIAF- Tbilisi International Animation Festival is an international event, promoting Animation Art and Industry Development Culture through Caucasus region and Internationally. TIAF is an educational and entertaining International event, dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, animation, video game, and related popular Art Forms, primarily through the presentation of events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of animation art and culture.
The festival includes parallel activities: professional and family workshops, animation and game jams, film and music, school programs, the presence of leading figures from the world of Animation, conferences and other interesting events associated with audiovisual culture for children and young people.

2020 Call for Entries:

• The film has to be completed after January 1st, 2018.
• The running time of the film must be around/over 60 min for the feature film competition and up to 59 min for the short film competition.
• Three episodes per series (each up to 26 min) are allowed for the TV series competition.

The films will compete in the following categories:
• Feature films
• Short films
• VR Content
• TV series
• Game Related Content
• Student films

Not competitive sections:
• Best of Guest Festival
• Panorama

The official awards of the Festival are:
1) Feature Film Competition: Grant-Prix TIAF, Best Feature Film
Jury Special Award: Audience award
2) Short Film Competition:
Jury award for a Best Short film 3+ years category
Jury award for a Best Short film 7+ years category
Jury award for a Best Short film 10 + years category
Audience Award for Best Short film (selected from all age categories)
3) Best VR content: Jury award to the best work in VR category
4) Best Game related content: Jury award to the best Game related work
5) Series Competition
Best Series - Jury award to the best series
Best Film from Caucasus region
6) Best Student Film
In each competition, there is 1 (one) winner for each award.
In each competition, the honorable mentions can be attributed to more than 1 (one) film.

The Festival is organized by the Georgian Animation Laboratory (AnimaLab), an organization promoting Animation Art and Industry Development Culture through Caucasus region and Internationally.

2019 Festival Coverage:

Award winners:

Best Film of TIAF 2019 – Anton Groves, Damian Groves for the film “Opinci (My Father's Shoes)”, 17’ 53, Year of production: 2019, Country: Romania
Special Jury Mention TIAF 2019 - Ryotaro Miyajima for the film “Castel”, 5:00, Year of production: 2019, Country: Japan
Best Children Film TIAF 2019 – Li Jialin, Chen Fangan, Zhou Chang for the film “Sweet Dreams”, 10’18 Year of production: 2019, Country: China
Children Jury Special Mention TIAF 2019 – Silvia Mañes Velasco for the film “Cazando Gamusinos”,5’27 Year of production: 2019, Country: Spain
Film Academy Award for Best Student Film TIAF 2019 - Yingzhong Hu for the film “Her Boat”,8:30, Year of production 2019, Country: Canada, China
Film Academy Special Mention TIAF 2019 – Louise Duveau, Charlotte Thiriez, Rémi Fumery, Justin Lauridant, Massimo Partipilo, Clément Sagnier, Mariane Vanhoed for the film “Black Bread”,8:11, Year of production: 2018, Country: France
Special Mention for Original Idea TIAF 2019 – Pietter Tomadze for the film “Goderdzi”, 6:30, Year of production: 2018, Country: Georgia
Film Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement – Arcady Khintibidze (Director of Animated films)



Event Dates

  • From 07 November 2020 to 10 November 2020


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