"Propaganda, Ideology, Animation: Twisted Dreams of History" Publication Now Online 03 April 2019
5th Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Cyprus 20 February 2019
Master In Animation Documentary, Volda University College 01 February 2019
Jayne Pilling to Receive Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies Award at Animafest Zagreb 21 November 2018
Eliane Gordeeff Prepares Book On Stop-Motion and Animation Narrative 20 August 2018
Book: The Computer-Animated Film by Christopher Holliday 09 July 2018
10 Recipients of the Animation Educators Forum 2018-19 Scholarships 26 June 2018
5th Animafest Scanner, 5-6/6/18: Complete Programme 29 May 2018
Under The Radar Vienna Symposium, 24-28/5/18 19 May 2018
Keynote Speakers of the 3rd Ecstatic Truth Symposium Announced 14 May 2018
Animation in the Middle East Book Wins BAFTSS Award 02 May 2018
Animation and Philosophy SAS Symposium 2018: Call for Proposals 05 February 2018
Non-Fiction Animation Symposium: Call for papers 24 January 2018
Research Unit in Experimental Animation Society Journal: Call for papers 19 January 2018
Paul Wells Gets Zagreb Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies 15 December 2017
Reviving the First Ukrainian Cartoon Character: 90 Years of Ukrainian Animation 21 November 2017
Propaganda, Ideology and Animation Conference, 23-24/11, Krakow: Full Programme 16 November 2017
Propaganda, Ideology And Animation Conference: Call for Papers 07 October 2017
Chinese Animation Forum, 11-12/11: Call for Papers 23 September 2017
Animation and the Comic Book, Symposium: Call for Papers 28 July 2016
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