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Anibar International Animation Festival

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
20 July 2022 - 27 July 2022
Peja, Kosovo
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Festival Description

Anibar International Animation Festival is the only animation festival in Kosova, and one of the biggest cultural events in the country. Since the beginning, the festival is organized and held in various settings in the city of Peja.

2021 Call for Entries

Eligibility: Any animated film or music video, including computer-generated animation and combinations of live-action, that are completed after January 01, 2020, can participate. Films completed prior to January 01, 2020 are not eligible for participation. This rule does not count for Feature Film Competition, in this category we accept films that have been completed in 2019, 2020, and 2021.
In order to be considered for competition at the Festival, the film must be less than 30 minutes long (including credits). For Feature Film Competition, the film should not exceed 120 minutes (including credits).

Categories and competitions:

- International Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes, from every country of the world),
- Student Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes that were completed as part of university studies, graduation films included, from every country of the world),
– Balkan Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes, produced in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, and Romania),
- Human Rights Competition (short animated films under 30 minutes, from every country of the world),
– Feature Film Competition (feature animated films not longer than 120 minutes’ maximum, from every country of the world),
– Music Video Competition (animated music videos under 10 minutes, from every country of the world),
– Kids and Teen Programs (short films under 30 minutes that are produced for the children audience, from every country of the world)

For the six competition programs, the winning films are rewarded with Anibar Crown and prize money.
The money prize will be rewarded for competitions as found in this list:
– Crown for Best International and the price of 1000€
– Crown for Best Balkan and the price of 500€
– Crown for Best Student and the price of 500€
- Crown for Best Human Rights and the price of 500€
– Crown for Best Feature Film and the price of 500€
– Crown for Best Music video and the price of 500€
– Crown for the Audience Award

2020 Festival Coverage


International Competition

Winner: Acid Rain
Special Mention: Flesh /  Just a Guy / Average Happiness
Balkan Competition
Winner:All Those Sensations in my Belly
Special Mention: Arka
Human Rights Competition
Winner: Umbilical
Special Mention: Migrante
Animated Music Video: Kishi Bashi - Violin Tsunami
Special Mentions: Christmas MorningThe Turning Point


From 1300 films, 139 were selected by the programming team to be screened during the 7 days of the festival. The films are divided into 7 categories, where 5 of them will be in competition: International Competition, Student Competition, Balkan Competition, Animated Music VIdeo Competition, and the Human Rights Category. Whereas the other 2 categories will be out of competition: Panorama Out Of Competition, and Kids & Teen Program.

Among the films selection Anibar will screen the World Premiere of All Those Sensations in my Belly by Marko Dješka in the Balkan Category and the Human Rights Category.

Most of the programs are held through the online platform "Zoom" while the films will have a special platform on which they will be screened. Also, each activity will be broadcasted directly through the virtual platforms.

The spicy program of films that will be screened during August have been selected, nominated, or screened in a number of other festivals like: Annecy International Animation Film Festival, The Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Animafest Zagreb, Kaboom, Fantoche, Anifilm, Stuttgart Trickfilm International Animated Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, and many more.

Jury: Clémence Bragard, Yves Nougarede, Joanna Priestley 

Festival Trailer

2019 Festival Coverage

2019 Festival Trailer

Hopes and Fears!

In a society which is consistently becoming indifferent towards political, social and environmental changes, in the tenth edition of Anibar, we will treat our hopes and fears to inspire action and promote civic activism through arts. Trailer, artwork, and animation by Alice Saey, music and sound by Ruben van Asselt.

2018 Festival Coverage:


International Competition: Winner: Carlotta's Face / Special Mention: Intimity

Student Competition
Winner: Flower Found! / Special Mention: Augenblicke - a blink of an eye / Special Mention: Enough

Balkan Competition
Winner: Untravel / Special Mention: The Monk

Animated Music Video Competition
Winner: Happy / Special Mention: F I N K E L : w / o / Special Mention: Engine of Progress

Feature Film Competition: Winner: Chris the Swiss

Public Awar
Winner: iRony

2017 Festival Coverage

2016 Festival Coverage

2016 Anibar Winners:
Best International: A Coat Made Dark – Ireland (Jack O’shea )
Best Student Sea Child – United Kingdom (Minha Kim)
Best Environmental October 2050 – Czech Republic (Alzbeta Gobelova)
Best Balkan Of Slaves and Robots – Serbia (Miloc Tomic)
 Best Animated Music Video Quack Fat – Opiuo – Australia (Jonathan Chong)
Audience Award He who has two souls – France (Fabrice Luang-Vija)

Special Mentions:
Shell All – France (Zaver Najjar), Velodrool – Estonia (Sander Joon), The More I know – Czech Republic (Marek Naprstek), RRRING RRRING – Germany (Thomas Kneffel)
D 729 – Belgium (Levi Stoops), Ivan’s Need – Switzerland (Veronika L. Montanom Manuela Leuenberger, Lukas Suter)

2015 Festival Coverage


-Best International – We can’t live without cosmos, Russian Federation 15’
-Best Balkan - 100% mood, Bulgaria 4’
-Audience Award - We can’t live without cosmos, Russian Federation 15’
-Student Award – With joy and merriness, Belgium 6’
-Environmental Award – Planet ∑, France 11’
-Music Video Award – Sandro Joyeux, Romania 3’
-Best Strip - Arvan Berisha- Stripi për ambientin

2014 Festival Coverage

2013 Festival Coverage



Event Dates

  • From 20 July 2022 to 27 July 2022


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