Anibar Animation Festival, 15-21/7/2019

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15 July 2019 - 21 July 2019
Peja, Kosovo
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Festival Description

The festival will be celebrating the art of animation in the city of Peja for the tenth year in a row in various settings including here the Lake and Cubes cinema both located in the park of the city.

In seven days of the festival last year Anibar had 220 films screened, 3 animated feature film screenings, 4 workshops with up to 100 participants, 4 running cinemas, 8 presentations, 100+ guests at the festival, and 7 nights of music with 30+ musicians from Kosovo and the region performing.    Through the festival, the organization has been able to promote and bring attention to issues that are important to our daily lives. In the 8th edition Anibar had Reclaim the City! as a theme promoting better usage of public goods, in its last edition it had 5050 for gender equality, women empowerment and women in animation.

 2019 Festival Coverage

2019 Festival Trailer

Hopes and Fears!

In a society which is consistently becoming indifferent towards political, social and environmental changes, in the tenth edition of Anibar, we will treat our hopes and fears to inspire action and promote civic activism through arts.

Trailer, artwork, and animation by Alice Saey, music and sound by Ruben van Asselt.



2018 Festival Coverage:


2019 Call for entries (Archive)

Anibar has a big scope of competition (listed below) and accepts different styles, including animation in combination with Live-action. Any animated film or music video, including computer-generated animation and combinations of live action, that are completed after January 01, 2018, can participate. Films completed prior to January 01, 2018 are not eligible for participation.

In order to be considered for competition in the Festival, the film must be less than 30 minutes long (including credits). For Feature Film Competition, the film should not exceed 120 minutes (including credits).


– International Competition
– Student Competition
– Balkan Competition
– Feature Film Competition
– Music Video Competition
– Kids and Teen Programs.

The money prize will be rewarded for competitions as found in this list:
– Crown for Best International 1000€
– Crown for Best Balkan 500€
– Crown for Best Student 500€
– Crown for Best Feature Film 500€
– Crown for Best Music video 500€
– Crown for the Audience Award





Event Dates

  • From 15 July 2019 to 21 July 2019