Animafilm Baku International Animation Festival, 14-18 October 2020

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14 October 2020 - 18 October 2020
Baku, Azerbaijan
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Festival Description:

III ANIMAFILM Festival will be held in two cities of Azerbaijan, Baku and Sheki, from 14 to 18 October 2020. This year festival will be dedicated to French animation. The goal of the organisers is to create an annual event that will delight the local and foreign audience and professionals, as well as promoting art of animation in Azerbaijan. The Festival is supported by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture, Sheki City Executive Power, Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers, Embassy of the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan, Embassy of France in Azerbaijan, French Institute in Azerbaijan, Nizami Cinema Center, Mujru Publishing, Barat Abdullayev and other partners and sponsors.

2020 Festival Coverage

A new award for category "Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film" is established or the upcoming ANIMAFILM Festival in cooperation with the French Embassy in
Azerbaijan, ​​the French Institute in Azerbaijan (IFA) and with the support of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. This year's winner of the ANIMAFILM Festival will have a chance to attend in the 2021 Annecy Festival in France and receive professional MIFA accreditation. Return flight to France and accommodation in Annecy of the winner will be covered by IFA.

ANIMAFILM Festival is also cooperating with Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan to present a new award for the winner of the category “Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film”. The winner will receive a valuable photo camera as a prize. The screenplay should be linked to one of the following themes: diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, human rights, woman rights or climate change.

2020 Call for entries

- The film must be shot after January 1, 2019.
- More than 50% of the film must be an animation. There are no limitations in the animation techniques used in the film.
- One film can only participate in one category.

- Best Short Animated Film (up to 20 minutes) - GRAND PRIX
- Best Future Animated Film (over 60 minutes) - GRAND PRIX
- Best Screenplay for a Short Animated Film (up to 6000 characters) - GRAND PRIX
- Best Short Animated Film for Children (up to 10 minutes)
- Best Short Animated Film Made by Children (up to 5 minutes)
- Best Short Experimental or Abstract Animated Film (up to 5 minutes)
- Best Short Student Animated Film (up to 15 minutes)
- Best Animated TV series (up to 12 minutes)
- Best Animated Music Video (up to 5 minutes)

- Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film (up to 6000 characters)
- Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film (up to 20 minutes)

- Golden Boat for Contribution to Azerbaijani Animation
- Audience Award

- The script should be written after January 1, 2019.
- The script should be written specifically for a short animated film.
- The text of the script should not exceed 6000 characters.
- The screenplay should be in English or Azerbaijani languages.

2019 Festival Coverage 

Festival Programme

(download the full schedule here)

17.10.2019 Thursday
12:00 - 13:00 AUF Cinema II ANIMAFILM - Press-conference Registration Form for Media

18.10.2019 Friday

10:00 - 12:30 AUF Cinema Conference: 50th Anniversary of Azerbaijani Animation
13:00 - 14:45 AUF Cinema Jury Program A / Guest: Afet Ilhamqizi (Azerbaijan)
15:00 - 16:30 AUF Cinema Competition: Best Short Animated Film A /  Guest: Svetlana Filippova (Russia)
16:30 - 19:00 AUF foyer Animachay: Drink Tea and Talk about Animation / Guest: Aydin Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)
19:00 - 21:30 AUF Cinema II ANIMAFILM - Opening Ceremony Registration Form for Media

19.10.2019 Saturday

10:00 - 11:00 AUF Cinema Czech Animation for Children
11:15 - 12:30 AUF Cinema Best Short Animated Film for Children A  / Guest: Iris Moore (Canada)
12:30 - 15:00 AUF Foyer Workshop for Children: Create Your Animated Film! (Age: +15) /  Tutor: Demetrios Poursanidis (Greece)
15:30 - 18:30 AUF Foyer Workshop for Children: Animate! (Age: +12) / Tutor: Liz Manresa (France)
13:00 - 14:30 AUF Cinema Jury Program B Guests: Masud Panachi, Samir Salahov, Zeynab Ghorbany Faryad, Aydan Kerimli, Intigam Gasimzade, Gulshan Tofikgizi
15:00 - 16:30 AUF Cinema Competition: Best Short Animated Film B / Guests: Gökalp Gönen (Turkey), Daniel Putík (Czech Republic)
16:45 - 17:45 AUF Cinema Competition: Best Original Screenplay for a Short Animated Film / Guests: Rafig Mammadli, Vugar Hagverdiyev, Leyla Ahmedhanova, Chimnaz Shihverdiyeva, Mahammed Zare, Raana Vaezi
17:30 - 18:30 AUF Cinema CinéDOC-Tbilisi Presents: Best Aniamted Films / Guest: Yana Ugrekhelidze (Georgia)
18:45 - 20:15 AUF Cinema Golden Boat for Contrubution to Azerbaijani Animation / Guest: Frangiz Kurbanona (Azerbaijan)
20:30 - 22:00 AUF Cinema Czech Animation Classics for Adults Guest: Daniel Putík (Czech Republic)

20.10.2019 Sunday
10:00 - 11:15 AUF Cinema Competition: Best Short Animated Film for Children B / Guests: Aydan Hasanova (Azerbaijan), Pavel Kungurov (Russia)
11:30 - 13:30 AUF foyer Workshop for Children: Create Your Animated Film! (Age: +15) Tutor: Demetrios Poursanidis (Greece)
13:30 - 17:30 AUF Cinema Workshop for children: Animate! (Age: +12) Tutor: Liz Manresa (France)
11:30 - 13:00 AUF Cinema Jury Program C Guest: Jahangir Suleymanov (Russia) How are animated series made?
13:15 - 14:45 AUF Cinema Competition: Best Short Animated Film C / Guest: Nicolas Bregeon (France)
15:00 - 16:00 AUF Cinema AnimaSyros Presents: Greek Animation / Guest: Demetrios Poursanidis (Greece)
16:30 - 18:30 AUF Cinema Golden Boat for Contrubution to Azerbaijani Animation /  Guest: Elchin Hami Akhundov
18:00 - 19:00 AUF foyer Animachay: Drink Tea and Talk about Animation /  Guest: Aydin Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)
19:00 - 22:00 AUF Cinema II ANIMAFILM - Closing Ceremony Registration Form for the Closing Ceremony

Selection Results:
The selection committee of the 2nd ANIMAFILM Baku International Animation Festival announces the list of animated films and screenplays that will be included in the competition program.

The selection committee for animated films: Rashid Aghamaliyev (Azerbaijan), Liz Mansresa (France), Vojtěch Kiss (Czech Republic), Nazrin Alizade (Azerbaijan), Piotr Ficner (Poland) and Ilenia Cotardo (Italy). The selection committee for screenplays: well-known writer Sevinj Azimova (Elsever) (Azerbaijan).

The selection committee has reviewed 268 applications from 50 different countries and made the following decisions:

Best short animation film (up to 20 minutes)
Of 197 films submitted under this category the selection committee has nominated the following films for the competition:

1 Circuit, Delia Hess Switzerland
2 The Steppes of Khazar, Sofiia Melnyk    Germany
3 Bristled, Scott Farrell United States
4 Iron Me, Ivan Rabbiosi France
5 How a song saved a species, Rémi Cans France
6 Heat Wave, Fokion Xenos Greece
7 Mitya's Love, Svetlana Filippova Russian Federation
8 Lola the Living Potato, Leonid Shmelkov Russian Federation
9 Avarya, Gökalp Göne Turkey
10 Text Complex, Haruka Hiramatsu Japan
11 Patchwork, Maria Manero Muro Spain
12 DAVSS: The Monster,     Katie Steed United Kingdom
13 Love Me, Fear Me, Veronica Solomon Germany
14 Alba's Memories, Andrea Martignoni, Maria Steinmetz     Germany
15 Good Intention,s Anna Mantzaris United Kingdom
16 The Bear Hunter, Sayaka Hara United Kingdom
17 Daughter, Daria Kashcheeva Czech Republic
18 Petty thing, Li zexi China
19 Le Mans 1955, Quentin Baillieux France
20 Eternity, Anastasia Melikhova Denmark
21 Florigami, Iva Ćirić Croatia
22 At First Sight, Sjaak Rood The Netherlands
23 The Blue of Salt,  Alice Bohl France
24 Orbit, Tess Martin The Netherlands
25 The Hidden River of My Life, Kate Woodward Canada
26 Night Session, Petre Tomadze, Georgia
27 Tani, Davar Najafi, Iran

Best Short Animated Film for Children (up to 10 minutes)
Of 66 films submitted under this category the selection committee has nominated the following films for the competition:

1 The Evening Thread Iris Moore    Canada
2 Balance Raymond Limantara Sutisna Singapore
3 Batik Girl Irwan Junaidy Malaysia
4 Perfectly Naughty Kids Tatiana Kiseleva Russian Federation
5 My Little Boys - Couch, Jack Shih Taiwan
6 Push, Trilina Mai United States
7 Magic Play, Natasha Cánepa United States
8 Ray's Great Escape, Jie Weng China
9 Little Thinks, Step C. Hong Kong
10 The Window, Aydan Hasanova    Azerbaijan
11 Why Z?, Asher Horowitz United States
12 Papito, Sarika Persaud, Kenneth Rosen United States
13 Little Cosmic Shore, Pavel Kungurov  Russian Federation
14 Kid-E-Cats, Dmitry Vysotsky Russian Federation
15 Bird of Words, Taro Otani Japan
16 Miles Away, Barbara Brunner Switzerland

Best original screenplay for a short animated film
Of 13 screenplays submitted under this category the selection committee has nominated the following screenplays for the competition:

1 Proud Kettle, Rafig Mammadli Azerbaijan
2 Freeze, Amir Rooini Iran
3 The Gourmand Bear-cub, Vugar Hagverdiyev Azerbaijan
4 The Path, Babak Shahidi Iran
5 The Mannequin, Babak Shahidi Iran
6 Papo&Pepe, Viktoria Filmako Ukraine
7 The Peg, Leyla Ahmedxanova Azerbaijan
8 How Speak Trees?, Çimnaz Şıxverdiyeva Azerbaijan
9 Blowing, Mahammed Zare, Raana Vaezi Iran
10 Anger and blood, Nejla Nooshirvani Iran
11 Second Chapter, Nejla Nooshirvani Iran

2019 Festival Poster

The poster for the second Baku International Animation Festival ANIMAFILM was prepared by the famous Czech animation director Filip Pošivač. Two Czech bears are depicted in the poster.

As Czech animation is the subject of the second festival, we decided to turn to one of the most famous Czech animators Filip Pošivač with a request to draw a poster. We are honored to cooperate with him. Filip has a unique style and, I think, he definitely managed to convey that “playfulness” that characterizes Czech animation - Rashid Agamaliyev,  director of the festival ANIMAFILM.

 I felt great joy while preparing a visual solution for the ANIMAFILM festival in Azerbaijan - Filip Pošivač 

The second festival will be dedicated to Czech animation." When I was considering what motive to send to Azerbaijan, my favorite bears from the city of Kolin won", explains Filip, referring to the famous Czech animated series “Hey Mister, Let's Play!”.  Graphic design of the poster and the website were prepared by a young and talented Azerbaijani artist Nazrin Alizade.

The second international animation festival ANIMAFILM (18th to 20th October in Baku) will also employ a rich accompanying program consisting of Czech animation classics. The Czech program of the festival was put together by Miroslava Janičatová, who is also included in the International Festival Jury.

23 March 2019: A selection of the best animated films from ANIMAFILM, the 1st Baku International Animation Festival (Azerbaijan). “Late Afternoon” (OSCAR nomination) and other awarded films from Azerbaijan, Irland, Russia and Germany will be screened for the first time. Traditional Azerbaijani sweets will be offered. Also, contemporary Czech animated films will not be missing! The event takes place on 23rd of March in Kino Pilotů:

Screening of the best Azeri animated films with participation of authors. Presentation of the book “Azerbaijani Animation”.
Screening of awarded animated films of ANIMAFILM. OSCAR-nominated film “Late Afternoon” will be screened for the first time in Czech Republic.

Guests: Frangiz Kurbanova (Azerbaijan), Jahangir Suleymanov (Russia), Masud Panachi (Germany).

Organisers: OLIEL Company s.r.o., Kino Pilotů, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Czech Republic

2018 Festival Coverage:

The theme of the first ANIMAFILM festival is "Azerbaijani Animation". In addition to the national competition, which will select the best Azerbaijani short animation film, the audience is offered a number of events dedicated to the history of Azerbaijani animation. The book "Azerbaijani Animation", joint work of local and foreign authors will be presented for the first time. Within the framework of the festival theme there will be an exhibition "ReAnimation", a retrospective of the best Azerbaijani animated films, with the participation of the authors themselves, as well as master classes of professionals.

 2018 Opening Ceremony (Video)



Event Dates

  • From 14 October 2020 to 18 October 2020