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Animator Festival, 9-15 July 2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
09 July 2021 - 15 July 2021
Poznań, Poland
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

About the festival

The International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR is Poland’s biggest festival of animated film. Its first edition took place in 2008 as a culminating point of the celebrations commemorating the sixty years of Polish animation. Over three hundred productions from all over the world are screened during each edition of the Festival, including retrospectives, reviews, premieres or rarely shown works of animation pioneers.

The International Animated Film Festival and Competition ANIMATOR is held on July 9-15, 2021 in Poznań, Poland. The festival will have a hybrid character - screenings or festival events will (as far as possible) take place both in the cinema venue and online

2021 Call for entries:

Short animated films created in any animation technique, up to 30 minutes, completed after December 31, 2018 may be submitted to the Short Film Competition


  • International Short Film Competition
  • International Feature Film Competition
  • Polish Animated Film Competition
  • (newly added) International Animated Series Competition

International Short Film Competition:
Grand Prix: Golden Pegasus (45,000.00 PLN, approx. 10,000.00 EUR),
2nd Prize: Silver Pegasus (15,000.00 PLN, approx. 3,300.00 EUR),
3rd Prize: Bronze Pegasus (10,000.00 PLN, approx. 2,200.00 EUR),
Best Music Film or Best Film Music Award (5,000.00 PLN, approx. 1,100.00 EUR),
Best Student Film Award (1,000.00 PLN, approx. 200.00 EUR);
The winner of the Golden Pegasus is on a fast track to being considered for an Oscar® nomination in the Best Animated Short Film category and can compete for this prestigious award.

International Feature Film Competition:
Best Feature Film Award (35,000.00 PLN, approx. 7,700.00 EUR)

ANIMATOR.PL Polish Animated Film Competition:
Golden Animusz - GRAND PRIX of the ANIMATOR.PL competition (15,000.00 PLN, approx. 3,300.00 EUR),
2nd Prize: Silver Animusz (10,000.00 PLN, approx. 2,200.00 EUR),
3rd Prize: Bronze Animusz (5,000.00 PLN, approx. 1,100.00 EUR)

International Animated Series Competition:
Best Animated Series Award (5,000.00 PLN, approx. 1,100.00 EUR)

2020 Festival Coverage

From the very beginning of its history, one of the Festival’s key events is the International Competition of Animated Films. On the one hand, the Competition gives our audience the opportunity to get acquainted with a panorama of the latest productions from around the globe (with approx. 60 titles, both feature films and short films, selected from over a thousand submitted for selection); on the other hand, it is an opportunity for artists - both debuting and well-established - to present their work to our festival audience.

 This year’s short film competition will feature 47 films divided into 6 thematic screenings, among them: Towards childhood, Life as a terminal disease, Film is a dream, Crouching evil, hidden truth.

The programme also includes animated films from the WOMEN’S VOICES series, as well as animated series for children and the ANIMATOR FOR KIDS section. We are also going to present to you a thematic bloc of animations actively involving viewers (interactive animations) and animated productions based on the engines and graphic and technological environment of computer games ANIMACJA INTERAKCJA. VIDEO GAMES.

Festival Trailer:
Animation was created by polish animator Paulina Ziółkowska and music composed by Adam Brzozowski.

2019 Festival Coverage



Event Dates

  • From 09 July 2021 to 15 July 2021
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