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Cartoon Forum, 20-23 Sep 2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
20 September 2021 - 23 September 2021
Toulouse, France
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Event Description

The Cartoon Forum was created in 1990 by CARTOON with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union (Creative Europe). It has dynamised European animation: from a craft industry was born a true cultural industry, diverse and at the cutting edge of technologySince the first Cartoon Forum edition in 1990, over 833 projects (with a total budget of more than 2.89 billion EUR) presented at the Cartoon Forum have secured their financing and are now in production or being aired worldwide

2021 Project Submission

  • A European animation project (series or TV special) totallng at least 26 minutes.The project can be a series intended for television (and new platforms), or a TV special. The MEDIA countries are: the 27 EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Tunisia & Ukraine. UK is not part of the MEDIA project
  • The project should be "in development", i.e.:- beyond the concept stage, sufficiently polished and developed- and should not yet have all the finance assembled.
  • Only projects ready for the market are eligible. In the past, too many projects were submitted too early, and consequently lost all chances of ever making it into production.
  • Only one project may be submitted per company.Please note that only independent production companies can submit a project.
  • Production teams of selected projects must afford registration fees  to Cartoon Forum.
  • At the broadcasters’ request, there will be a strict pre-selection of projects and the number of projects chosen will be limited

2020 Event Coverage

Online Only - Business First

The rebound of the coronavirus in Europe and in France during the month of August, has made organizers to organise Cartoon Forum online only. The objective still remains “Business First”, with the projects as the main priority.

Selected Projects Info

Ninety original projects from all over Europe will be launched in this year’s atypical edition focused on the business side of animation, as reflected in its motto "Business First". 

The 143 projects submitted to the Forum reflect the strength of a sector that did not come to a halt even during the global health emergency most critical period. In spite of this edition’s exceptional conditions, producers will be presenting their projects in the flesh to the professionals attending the event, including decision makers, TV channels’ and streaming platforms’ heads of acquisitions, and other potential partners interested in European animation. The projects will take part in pitching sessions where producers will have the chance to talk their audiences into the distinctive concept and characters of their series.

Cartoon Forum’s line-up offers a comprehensive overview of European animation, which is currently dominated by series aimed at 6-11-year-old children, produced in 2D animation and with 6-12 minutes episodes. Twenty-four European countries are involved in the projects, while another 6 countries outside the region participate as co-producers.

France leads the line-up with 36 projects, followed by Ireland (8), Denmark (6), and Spain (6), while Belgium, Finland and UK participate with 4 projects each. Led by Denmark, the Nordic countries presence amount to 11 projects, while 8 other projects hail from CEE countries, showing a growing trend in the number of projects from these geographic areas.

The selection includes projects from renowned production companies along with others that are growing fast internationally or production companies relying on young talent.

With an average cost of 4.2 million Euros per series, the 90 projects amount to a total budget of 381 million Euros and 521 hours of content.

Animation aimed at 6-11 children continues to lead the Forum's line-up with 38 projects (43%), closely followed by the series for pre-schoolers, which already account for the 33% (30 projects). Meanwhile, the number of projects aimed at Family Audiences (11 projects), Young-Adults (8 projects) and Teenagers (3 projects) remain stable.

Technical-wise, 65% of the projects rely on 2D animation and 22% on 3D CGI.

Renowned animation companies from all over Europe will be presenting their new projects in Toulouse, including France's Folimage (“Anuki”), Xilam Animation (“Gemma's Quest”), Millimages (“The Springs”), Dandelooo (“The Upside-Down River”), Cyber Group Studios (“Monster In my Pocket”), Ellipsanime Productions (“Wonder Waï”), Vivement Lundi! (“Super-Lucha”), and Autour de Minuit (“Two Little Birds”), among others.

The line-up also includes new series by Belgium’s Lunanime (“Tommy Pepper”), Denmark’s Copenhagen Bombay (“Rabarbar”), Ireland’s Dream Logic (“The Ghastly Ghoul”), Spain’s Motion Pictures (“Agus & Monsters”), UK’s Paper Owl Films (“Mr. Dog”), and Italy’s Gertie Production (“Relè”).

Some twenty of the selected projects are adaptations of comic books, books, and live-action films, including the French series ”Open Bar” (Les films du poisson rouge) and “Zombillenium” (Maybe Movies) – based on the comic books by Fabcaro and Arthur de Pins, respectively.
Other highlights include UK's “Rocket Robbins” (Illuminated Films), based on the picture book series written by Nathan Bryon and illustrated by Dapo Adeola, Finland's “Belzebubs” (Pyjama Films), based on the webcomic created by JP Ahonen, Netherlands' “Princess Arabella” (Phanta Animation), an adaptation of the picture book by Mylo Freeman, and “Champions” (Morena Films), a series based on the top-grossing film in Spain in 2018.

The Occitanie / Pyrénées-Mediterranée Region continues to strengthen its presence with three projects: “Atla5”, produced by Dwarf Ent. (Montpellier), “Obo, My Very Spatial Friend”, produced by Digiblur (Toulouse), and “Immobile Stars”, produced by Tripode Productions (Montclus).

CARTOON partnered with CEE Animation Forum since 2015 to promote the emergence of Eastern European projects; “Daisy & Dot” (KEDD, Hungary) and “Baldies” (Cofilm, Czech Rep.) were directly selected by the jury composed by experts from 5 CEE countries.

New talent represented by producers and directors working on their first projects hold a special place in Cartoon Forum's line up with projects such as “Hanna & Nana” (Jam Media, Ireland), “Baldies” (Cofilm, Czech Rep.), “The Very Hairy Alphabet” (Eagle Eye, Germany), “Blue Figures” (Laidak Films, France), and” Felix! He Can Explain Everything” (Sacrebleu Production, France). All of these projects were launched at Cartoon Springboard, CARTOON'S pitching event devoted to young talent.

Other highlights include “Blue Figures” (Laidak Films, France) and “Good Enough - Burnout Diary” (Studio Pupil, Netherlands), shortlisted in Cartoon 360, CARTOON's pitching event for transmedia projects and IPs.

2019 Event Coverage


2018 Event Coverage:

 Full programme



Event Dates

  • From 20 September 2021 to 23 September 2021


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