Chilemonos Festival, May 2020 (Dates TBC)

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07 May 2020 - 10 May 2020
Santiago, Chile
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2020 Dates to be confirmed, Call for Entries to Follow

2019 Festival Coverage

2019 Call For Entries

The Eighth International Animation Festival CHILEMONOS 2019 (the “Festival”), begins its call for entries to animated works to attend and compete for seven awards.Individuals and legal entities may participate individually or collectively, over 18 years old, of any nationality, by sending works of animation (collectively the "Works" and individually the "Work") that meet the requirements established in these bases (the "Bases") and the technical standards that allow their future exhibition.Participation is free of charge.Submitted works must not have been part of the “Official Selection” in a previous version of this festival.The call for entries is open for works in any animation technique, released after January 1st, 2017.

Since 2019, CHILEMONOS International Animation Festival is Qualifying Festival to Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. This means that the winning Works of the Latin American Animated Short Film Competition and the International Animated Short Film Competition could be eligible to enter the Short Films competition of the Oscar®, if and when the Works will fulfill with the official rules of Academy.

The categories in competition in this version of Festival are 7 (seven) and they are: 1. International Animated Feature Film Competition2. Latin American Animated Feature Film Competition3. International Animated Short Film Competition 4. Latin American Animated Short Film Competition (Including Chile)5. International School Short Film Competition 6. Latin American School Short Film Competition (Including Chile)7. Latin American Animated Series Competition (Including Chile) 


2018 Festival News (Archive)



Event Dates

  • From 07 May 2020 to 10 May 2020


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