Cine Animal Fest Bogota, 4 Oct - 1 Nov 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
04 October 2020 - 01 November 2020
Bogotá, Colombia
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Festival Description:

The CINE ANIMAL FEST, is an event, organized and presented in the city of Bogotá-Colombia, dedicated to demonstrate the injustice of our behavior towards other animals, and show the solutions that we can generate from our daily habits.

2020 Call for Entries 

For the selection of works that form part of BOGOTÁ'S ANIMAL CINEMA FEST are to be considered short, Cinema minutes, Colombian and foreign feature films in the genres documentary, fiction, animation, experimental, video clip; spoken in Spanish or another language with Spanish subtitles.

Competition categories:

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary Feature
  • Short Fiction
  • Documentary Short
  • Animated Feature
  • Animated Short Film
  • Experimental
  • Musical Video Clip


Best Short Film Fiction
-Best Documentary Short Film
-Best Feature Fiction
-Best Feature Film
-Best Animation
-Best Experimental
-Best Music Clip
-Wings of Freedom (best animal liberation message)
-Bear Claw (Best Screenplay)
-Peacock Feather ( Original and creative work)
-Animal Planet (Best work of environmental and animal conscience)
-Peace for Animals (animals out of the war)
-Cotton-Top Tamarin (best Colombian work)
-Puppy Look (best work directed to children)
-Chrysalis (best transformation message)
-Great Spider Monkey (Better message and reflection that invites action)
-Owl Eyes (The work with the wisest message)
-We are all Animals (The best work he proposes erases the line we have traditionally marked, to differentiate ourselves from all other animals)
-End of speciesism (The best work whose focus is on questioning and deconstructing, the prevailing system of oppression and injustice against other animals: speciesism)



Event Dates

  • From 04 October 2020 to 01 November 2020

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