Title Published Date
2019 International Animation Day Poster by Giannis Koutsouris 14 April 2019
Heatwave by Fokion Xenos: Trailer Premiere 08 April 2019
Man Wanted by Irida Zhonga 21 March 2019
Icebergs by Eirini Vianelli Wins at Sarajevo Film Festival 17 August 2018
Joan Zhonga Selects: 3+1 Stop-Motion Shorts 05 April 2018
Zippy Bits #1: Polychronakis, King Richard and Astronauts 05 June 2017
What About the Oscars? Panagiotis Rappas talks to Zippy Frames 22 January 2017
The Quay Brothers, Steven Woloshen Come to Fest Anča 23 June 2016
Pavlatova, Marc Jousset, Polish animation at the 4th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 09 October 2014
Historia de Un Oso, My Stuffed Granny win 7.0 Animasyros awards 06 October 2014
Greek Animation: Quo Vadis? 04 October 2014
My Stuffed Granny: Interview with director Effie Pappa 03 July 2014
Dinner for Few: Interview with Nassos Vakalis 18 April 2014
From the Earth To the Moon Review: Warm Collage of Human Folly 02 April 2014
Unicorn Blood, Boles win at Animasyros 6.0, Greece 30 September 2013
Triptych 1: Katerina Athanassopolou designs the MSU facade, Zagreb 01 July 2013
Tram, Head Over Heels, The Apostle at Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 02 February 2013
Why can't you just see me? Eleni Tomadaki experiments with invisibility 21 July 2012
The teammate, Elpida Panourgia: football with a heart 18 June 2012
Be there! Corfu Animation festival: program, Laguionie retrospective 23 March 2012
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