Zippy Frames is an animation portal that promotes European and Independent Animation worldwide.

Zippy Frames caters for the unacknowledged, beautiful, unjustifiably neglected present, past and future of European animation, as well as the independent US/Australasian feature animation production.  Its logo is both a tribute to the world of pixies, and a hommage to silhouette animation.

Zippy Frames values the work of animators as directors and auteurs; this means creators of lively and energetic zippy frames, regardless of their genre, from existentialism to comedy and family film, and then back to avant-garde. They all have NEWS to share and,  for a starter, many  animated features promote these values (you find them in the REVIEWS section).

European and US/Australasian Independent Animation finds its natural habitat in ANIMATION FESTIVALS, where key animation players meet (but things start sooner, with the call for entries).
Most independent films choose the SHORTS format to express, and we abide by their wishes. Many important people in animation field have given INTERVIEWS to Zippy Frames, and we continue to seek views that enlighten and promote the animation field.

The burgeoning field of academic studies in animation has built up its own ACADEMIC component, whereas production newspitching forums and the AWARD/PRIZES calendar is there to remind of a very varied community of professionals.

Last but not least, national country production is celebrated and showcased in our COUNTRY PROFILES section, where both guest articles and data on national animation are to be found, as well as a comprehensive coverage of contemporary individual artistic efforts.

Zippy Frames only states that an animated spirit in its most artistic aspect is zippy enough. Represented for all purposes by Scheriaa Productions.

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