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Lanterna Mágica International Animation Festival 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
18 November 2020 - 21 November 2020
Goiania, Brazil
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

2020 Dates TBC, Call for Entries to Follow

Lanterna Mágica is an international animation festival that aims to promote and spread the worldwide animation market. The festival takes place in the city of Goiânia, Goiás annually and made its debut in 2017. The program includes competitive and non-competitive showings, workshops, case studies, lectures and some extra surprises. All sessions and activities are free.

The festival is actualized by Caolha Filmes, which produces animations and content aimed at children and young people such as short films, series and feature films. Lanterna Mágica is directed by Camila Nunes, Iuri Moreno and Lara Morena.

2019 Festival Coverage:

2019 Call For Entries (ARCHIVE)

RULES -3rd Lanterna Mágica - International Animation Festival

1) Objectives

I - The Lanterna Mágica - International Animation Festival aims to promote and disseminate the Brazilian and worldwide animation market through competitive and non-competitive exhibitions of short and feature films, whose guidelines follow in this regulation.
2) Subscriptions
I - The entries for the 3rd edition of the Lanterna Mágica will be open until 07/22/2019, with possibilities of extension by the organization of the festival.
II - Animated short films with a maximum duration of 25 minutes and animated feature films with a minimum duration of 50 minutes, originating in any and all world territories, are eligible for inclusion.
III - Films showing before January 1, 2017 will not be accepted.
IV - Movies selected and / or exhibited in previous editions of the Lanterna Mágica festival will not be considered for evaluation.
V - Films registered and not selected in previous editions may reapply, provided they comply with the requirements of this regulation.
VI - The films must be of the animation genre, performed in any technique.
VII - Hybrid films will also be accepted provided they use animation techniques in at least 50% of their duration.
VIII - In this 3rd edition of the festival, the registration must be exclusively through the FilmFreeway platform. The person responsible for the registration must fill out the information requested by the platform before sending the film and is subject to disqualification if they are incomplete. Some materials like teaser and poster are not required items, but it is recommended that they be sent.
IX - Stills, synopsis, production country, director and the entire film itself are mandatory information / items and their absence on the platform will be grounds for disqualification of the film.
X - Films that do not have Portuguese, English or Spanish as their original language should be subtitled in one of these languages.
XI - Episodes of series or music videos will not be accepted.
XII - For the films enrolled in the International Competitive Short Animation (Main Competitive) will be charged a registration fee in the amount of 5 US$.
XIII - For the films enrolled in the other shows: Brazilian Competitive Short Animation, Latin American Short Animation Panorama and Feature Animation Panorama, registration is free.
XIV - Brazilian short films enrolled in the Brazilian Competitive Short Animation will be automatically considered for the Latin American Short Animation Panorama and for the Main Competition.
XV - The latin american short films enrolled in the Latin American Short Animation Panorama will also be automatically considered for the Main Competition.

3) Selection

I - The films enrolled will go through an official curatorship that will later be announced on the official website and social networks of the festival.
II - The films will be divided into four official shows: International Competitive Short Animation (Main Competitive), Brazilian Competitive Short Animation, Latin American Short Animation Panorama (Non-competitive) and Feature Animation Panorama (Non-competitive).
III - Special shows may be created at the discretion of the festival organization.
IV - All exhibitions, official and special, may be composed of films and / or invited guests, at the discretion of the curators.
V - Those responsible for the selected films should pay attention to the e-mails and telephones provided at the time of registration, and meet the demands of the festival, such as the sending of a copy of the exhibition and other divulgation materials, under penalty of disqualification if it does not comply with the requests.
VI - The expenses related to the sending of the material for exhibition are the responsibility of the director.
VII - The list of selected works will be available on the website and social networks of the Lanterna Mágica festival until August 15, 2019, and this period may be extended at the discretion of the festival organization.

NB: 2020 Festival Dates are tentative



Event Dates

  • From 18 November 2020 to 21 November 2020


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