LUMEN Prize for Art and Technology 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
22 October 2020
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Submission deadline
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2020 Call For entries 

The coveted Lumen Prize will open it’s 9th Call for Entries on 13th February with a prize fund of US$11,500. There are 9 awards to be won – including two new awards this year:

  • Gold Award $4000
    The Gold Award goes to the artist whose work is judged to be exceptional across all categories.
  • Moving Image Award $1000 : For excellence in time-based artwork, including animation, CGI, generative or video art; narrative or non-narrative works.
  • Still Image Award $1000: For outstanding work using digital processes in its creation, including photo-manipulation, 3D renders, or drawings created on phones, tablets or PCs using digital software.
  • 3D/Interactive Award $1000 : For excellence in engaging with audiences through sound, touch or movement, including games, installations, websites or 3D sculptures.
  • XR Award $1000: For excellence in Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality art.
  • BCS A.I. Award $1000: For excellence in the use of artificial intelligence to produce an outstanding piece of art. Click here for more details. Sponsored by the BCS – Chartered Institute for IT.
  • Global South Award $1000: For excellence in art created with technology by an artist or collective from Africa, Latin America or the developing economies of Asia and the Middle East. Click here for more information.
  • Photomonitor Student Award $500: For excellence in Still or Moving Image created by a student currently enrolled in a degree programme in the arts.
  • Nordic Award $1000: For excellence in art created with technology by an artist or collective from Nordic Countries sponsored by Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (SKMU), Norway. Click here for more information.

Jury panel

The judging of the Lumen Prize is done in two stages. The longlist is determined by our International Selectors Committee of curators, artists and academics. This longlist is then reviewed by the Jury Panel, who select the finalists and winners.

Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator, Digital Art, Whitney Museum
Ben Vickers CTO, the Serpentine Galleries, London
Melanie Lenz, Digital Curator, V&A Museum
Nathan Ladd, Assistant Curator, Tate Britain
Foteini Aravani, Digital Curator at the Museum of London


  • FAQ Page
  • Entry Form via the official website
  • Fees:  There is an administration fee of US$48 to enter which covers two entries. Any additional artwork is US$24. As a not-for-profit based in the UK, all entry fees go directly towards the prizes and events programme.
  • Deadline: 8 May 15 June 2020


About Lumen Prize:

The Lumen Prize and Lumen Arts Projects were founded by Carla Rapoport, a financial journalist who moved into arts management in 2010. Carla’s goal is to widen the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of art created with technology while widening the opportunities for artists working in this field globally.




Event Dates

  • 22 October 2020