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MIFA Annecy, 15-30 June 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
04 February 2019
Annecy, France
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

2020 MIFA Coverage: Selected Projects

Among the 631 projects submitted, 38 have accessed the Official Selection. Check the feature projects by Juan Pablo Zaramella (Coda), Anais Caura (Eugene), two projects by Martin Smatana (short Hello, Summer and  TV series project I Want To Know).

Animation du Monde projects

Autumn's Great Beyond, Director, author / scriptwriter: Bernard HAGE, Graphic creator: Elie NOUJAIM - Country: Lebanon
Avispa y Colibrí, Director, author / scriptwriter: Aida DEL SOLAR, Graphic creator: Angela Lucero OLAZAVAL - Country: Peru
Mora mora, Director: Sitraka RANDRIAMAHALY - Country: Madagascar
Gran Lago , Director, author / scriptwriter: Fabián GUAMANÍ ALDAZ - Country: Ecuador
New Look for Lion, Director, graphic creator: Ana CHUBINIDZE, Author / Scriptwriter: Ana CHUBINIDZE, Giorgi AVALIANI - Country: Georgia
For the Love of People, Director, author / scriptwriter: Nicolas FATTOUH, Rebecca FATTOUH, Graphic creator: Nicolas FATTOUH - Country: Lebanon
Shadows, Director, author / scriptwriter: Rand BEIRUTY - Country: Jordan
The Oil of Amadi, Director: Matthew BROWN, Graphic creator: Harrison TOMBRE - Country: South Africa, Nigeria
Oyayi, Director: Mitzi Ann DELIMA - Country: Philippines
El Rey de los Mundos, Director, graphic creator: Ariel LOPEZ, Author / Scriptwriter: Gustavo SALAS - Country: Argentina, Canada

Feature films
Saba, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Alexis DUCORD, Benjamin MASSOUBRE - Country: France
Eugène, Director, graphic creator: Anaïs CAURA, Author / Scriptwriter: Joëlle OOSTERLINCK - Country: France
El Leila El Kebeira, Director: Ahmed GAMAL, Ahmed TEILAB, Graphic creator: Noha ABDELNASSER, Author / Scriptwriter: Karim DALIL, Eman ASKAR
- Country: Egypt
Refugiadas Climáticas / Éxodo Climático, Director, author / scriptwriter: David BAUTE - Country: Spain
Un Viaggio a Teulada, Director: Nicola CONTINI, Graphic creator: Riccardo ATZENI, Author / Scriptwriter: Lara FREMDER, Emanuele MILASI, Nicola CONTINI - Country: France, Italy
Coda, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Juan Pablo ZARAMELLA - Country: Argentina, Chile


Interactive Creations & Transmedia
'Legends' La Vouivre, Director, author / scriptwriter: Amandine ZINK, Cédric JACCHERI, Graphic creator: Cédric JACCHERI, Alex VIOUGEAS, Amandine ZINK - Country: France
Pod Podushkoi, Director: Georgy MOLODTSOV, Graphic creator: Elena GLADNEVA, Elizaveta BELAYA, Pavel LUKASHEVICH, Author / Scriptwriter: Georgy MOLODTSOV, Mila ULANOVA - Country: Estonia, Russia
Mamie Lou, Director: Isabelle ANDREANI, Graphic creator: Romane POCH, Ghislain PARISET, Author / Scriptwriter: Voyelle ACKER - Country: France
Ne pleure pas devant ma tombe, director, author / scriptwriter: Sandra DEVONSSAY - Country: France
Unwanted Guests, Director: Comfort ARTHUR, Graphic creator: Elana MUGDAN, Author / Scriptwriter: Adjani SALMON, Jocoliah PARKER - Country: Ghana, United Kingdom
The Blossom Crown, Director: Raphael PENASA, Graphic creator: Alec VENIEL, Author / Scriptwriter: Allison CRANK, Mathieu RIVERO - Country: USA, France
The Dollhouse, Director, author / scriptwriter: Charlotte BRUNEAU - Country: Canada, Luxembourg

Short films
Soleil gris, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Camille MONNIER - Country: France
El After del Mundo, Director, graphic creator: Florentina GONZALEZ, Author / Scriptwriter: Luz MÃRQUEZ, Florentina GONZALEZ, Matias FERREYRA
Country: Argentina
Girl . Dog . Cancer . Space, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Kiana NAGHSHINEH - Country: Germany
Bigger than Us, Director: Aurélie GARNIER, Graphic creator: Sophie CONTESSE, Aurélie ANSQUER, Cédric LEDESMA, Author / Scriptwriter: Bertille RETIF - Country: France
300 000 kms par seconde, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Clément COURCIER - Country: France
Hello Summer, Director: Martin SMATANA, Graphic creator: Veronika ZACHAROVA, Author / Scriptwriter: Veronika ZACHAROVA, Léa Jeanne BOEHRINGER
Country: Czech Republic
27 – My Last Day at Home, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Flora Anna BUDA - Country: Hungary, France

27-My Last Day At Home

TV series and specials
Paradise Town, Director: Felix MASSIE - Country: United Kingdom
Mehdi – Avis de passage, Director, author / scriptwriter: Oussama BOUACHERIA, Graphic creator: Manuel TANON-TCHI - Country: France
Normal Town, Director: Jorge (Bambu) ORELLANA, Author / Scriptwriter: Javi RISCO - Country: Chile
Douce, Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Isabelle LENOBLE - Country: France
Chcem vedie!, Director, graphic creator: Martin SMATANA, Author / Scriptwriter: Zuzana DZURINDOVA, Peter NAGY - Country: Slovakia
Boys Boys Boys, Director: Valentine VENDROUX, Clawdia PROLONGEAU, Graphic creator: Valentine VENDROUX, Author / Scriptwriter: Florent GUIMBERTEAU - Country: France
38th Parallel: Hidden Voices from North Korea, Director, author / scriptwriter: Andy GLYNNE, Graphic creator: Salvador MALDONADO - Country: United Kingdom
Where it Falls, Director: Guillaume DOUSSE, Graphic creator: Guillaume DOUSSE, Simon MASSE, Arthus PILORGET, Linnea STERTE - Country: Denmark

Comics Pitches
Géante, Script: Jean-Chistophe Deveney, Illustrations: Nùria Tamarit - Country: France
Le Projet Shiatsung, Script, illustrations: Brigitte Archambault - Country: Canada
Saison des Roses, Script, illustrations: Chloé Wary - Country: France
Les Tribulations d’Alphonse Madiba dit Daudet, Script: Christophe Ngalle Edimo, Illustrations: Al'Mata - Country: Cameroon, France, Democratic Republic of Congo
Le Dieu Vagabond, Script, illustrations: Fabrizio Dori -Country: France

Online Schedule:

  • Tuesday 16th June: Digital Experiences 11 am-12:15 pm
  • Wednesday 17th June: Feature Films 9:30-10:30 am, Short Films 11 am-12:15 pm
  • Thursday 18th June: TV Series & Specials 9:30-10:45 am, Animation du Monde 11 am-12:15 pm

2019  Event Coverage

2018  Annecy Festival News:

Projects Competition (MIFA Pitches):

  • Short Films
  • Feature Films
  • TV Series and Specials
  • Digital Experiences
  • Animation du Monde (this category is open to all formats, but reserved to territories with an emerging animation industry - see the list of eligible countries in the regulations)

Please Note: The web series projects can compete in the TV Series and Specials category.

Eligibility conditions for projects:

  • Projects must be presented by its author(s), irrespective of the filmmaking techniques used (traditional or new, containing a minimum of 50% animation), target audience, genre (fiction, documentary, educational, experimental, etc.), age and nationality of the author(s).
  • Webseries projects can compete in the TV Series and Specials category.
  • Registration is free of charge.

Check out the festival regulations and submit online.



Event Dates

  • From 15 June 2020 to 30 June 2020


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