MIFA Annecy 2021

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14 June 2021 - 19 June 2021
Annecy, France
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2021 MIFA Selected Projects

 433 projects were submitted for this year's MIFA Pitches at Annecy Film Festival. 36 projects were selected.

Digital Experiences

  • 60s. The Lost Treasures, Graphic creator: Vasily KOSTENKO. Country: Ukraine
  • Détective Brols, Author / Scriptwriter: Khourban CASSAM CHENAÏ . Country: Belgium
  • Ego, Director: Alexandre PEREZ, Graphic creator: Romain D'ESCRIENNE, Author / Scriptwriter: Alexandre PEREZ, Sarah BEAULIEU
    Country: France
  • Empereur Director, author / scriptwriter: Marion BURGER, Ilan COHEN. Country: France
  • Immersive Criminology: Episode 2 "Baby Frog" Director, author / scriptwriter: Yi-chun KAO .Country: Taiwan
  • Nami, de la surface aux abysses. Director: Kloé LANG, Célia FECHINO, Author / Scriptwriter: Johanna KRAWCZYK, Kloé LANG, Célia FECHINO. Country: France
  • Opéra Calling. Graphic creator: Gabriella GIANDELLI, Author / Scriptwriter: Jean-Luc VINCENT, Maxence TUAL Country: France

Feature films

  • Annah la Javanaise . Director, author / scriptwriter: Fatimah Tobing RONY, Graphic creator: Ariel VICTOR Country: Indonesia
    (Animation du Monde)
  • Flow. Director, graphic creator: Gints ZILBALODIS, Author / Scriptwriter: Gints ZILBALODIS, Matiss KAZA, Ron DYENS. Country: France, Latvia
  • Goliath & Me. Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Michelle KRANOT, Uri KRANOT .Country: Germany, Denmark, France
  • Hanta Animation du Monde. Director, author / scriptwriter: Emilio RAMOS, Graphic creator: Salvador PARRA, Juan Antonio SANCHEZ RULL. Country: Mexico (Animation du Monde)
  • In Waves. Director, graphic creator: Phuong Mai NGUYEN, Author / Scriptwriter: Fanny BURDINO, Samuel DOUX. Country: France
  • Porcelain Birds. Director: Max PORTER, Ru KUWAHATA .Country: USA
  • Sidi Kaba et la Porte du retour. Director, graphic creator: Rony HOTIN, Author / Scriptwriter: Jérôme PIOT. Country: France
  • The Dragon's Treasure . Director: Ashkan RAHGOZAR, Graphic creator: Sabina KIPA, Farid SEPEHR, Babak GHARIB, Author / Scriptwriter: Ashkan RAHGOZAR, Aida NOSHALI (Animation du Monde). Country: Iran, Canada

Goliath and Me

Short films

  • "two ice creams, please". Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Jasmine ELSEN. Country: Belgium
  • Balconada  Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Iva TOKMAKCHIEVA. Country: Bulgaria (Animation du Monde)
  • Gigi Director: Cynthia CALVI . Country: France
  • Margarethe, Director: Lucas MALBRUN .Country: Germany, France
  • Mesut Director: Michael KALOPAIDIS, Alexia ROIDER, Author / Scriptwriter: Georgia NIKOLAOU Country: Cyprus (Animation du Monde)
  • Oscar Director, graphic creator: Polyxeny KATSARI, Matina FYKARI, Author / Scriptwriter: Matina FYKARI, Polyxeny KATSARI
    Country: Greece (Animation du Monde)
  • Pasos para volar Animation du Monde. Director, graphic creator: Nicolás CONTE, Author / Scriptwriter: Nicolás CONTE, Maria Rosario CARLINO Country: Argentina (Animation du Monde)
  • Rajskie Ptaki Director, author / scriptwriter: Tomek DUCKI, Graphic creator: Gina THORSTENSEN Country: Poland
  • Signal Director: Mathilde PARQUET, Emma CARRÉ .Country: France
  • Sulaimani Director, graphic creator: Vinnie Ann BOSE, Author / Scriptwriter: Vinnie Ann BOSE, Patricia VALEIX. Country: France
  • Zanadrano Animation du Monde Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Andriantomanga RIDHA Country: Madagascar
    (Animation du Monde)


TV series and specials

  • Anesou et les Shégués Director: Daniel CATTIER MASEKO, Nadia MICAULT, Graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Nadia MICAULT, Daniel CATTIER MASEKO Country: France
  • Cosmonots Director, graphic creator: Jac CLINCH, Author / Scriptwriter: Simon LORD. Country: United Kingdom
  • Ivy's Bookshop Director, author / scriptwriter: Joshua HOGAN. Country: Finland, Ireland
  • Jose Trueno Director, graphic creator: Ariel LOPEZ V, Author / Scriptwriter: Ariel LOPEZ V, Gustavo SALA, Omar GONZALEZ ROQUE
    Country: Argentina (Animation du Monde)
  • Kuttan the Medicine Boy Director, graphic creator: Anand BABU Country: India (Animation du Monde)
  • L'Ourse et l'Oiseau. Director, graphic creator: Marie CAUDRY, Author / Scriptwriter: Marie CAUDRY, Gauthier DAVID Country: France
  • Papa et moi Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Olesya SHCHUKINA. Country: France
  • Pour exister, Director: Fabien CORRE, Kelsi PHUNG, Graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Kelsi PHUNG, Fabien CORRE . Country: France
  • Sybil and Her Past Lives Director: Isabela LITTGER DE PINHO, Lara ARRIGONI MANESCO, Graphic creator: Antonio SOARES NETO, Author / Scriptwriter: Lara ARRIGONI MANESCO. Country: Brazil (Animation du Monde)
  • Who's Our Sub Today? Director: Chun-Chien LIEN, Graphic creator: Heyu LIAO, Pei-Hsuan CHUNG, Author / Scriptwriter: Pohan LEE
    Country: Taiwan


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Event Dates

  • From 14 June 2021 to 19 June 2021