The first details of the feature animation project Coda by Juan Pablo Zaramella.

The stop-motion Argentinian artist Juan Pablo Zaramella has a feature animation film in the making. As first reported to Eliane Gordeeff (find it the whole interview here) 

I'm developing a feature film project in stop motion with puppets provisionally called CODA. It's in an early stage, we are looking for funds to developing, and probably it will be my main project after finishing Pasajero. It should be around late 2020 / early 2021 - Juan Pablo Zaramella

Variety has published more details and concept art about the upcoming film. It is inspired by Plato's Symposium and the cave myth, and has post-apocalyptic parlance.

Nina, a mutant rat-girl living in an oppressive underground village with others of her kind. This hidden society recycles trash into energy, and believes the universe ends at the limits of what they can see. One day, Nina discovers the outside world and with a mixed feeling of fascination and horror starts to see new possibilities and better understands her reality. It also marks the end of her innocence.

Chile's Zumbastico Studios is on board with Coda, along with JPZstudio, this being the first co-production in animation between Argentina and Chile. The $8m  stop-motion project was pitched at Ventana Sur Animation market (Buenos Aires, 2-6 Dec 2019).

It won the Annecy MIFA Prize (which will make CODA participate in the Annecy MIFA 2020), and the WEIRD (former 3D Wire) WEIRD Animation, Video games & New Media Market prize (accreditation and support to participate in the 2020 edition for the most innovative project among Animation! Pitching Sessions 2019).

Expect to hear more news about the stop-motion animation feature Coda during 2020.

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