Iranian animator Salman Arbaboon prepares his philosophical, hand-drawn short Prey, and starts a crowdsourcing campaign.

An intriguing, hand-drawn and highly symbolic film by Salman Arbaboon explores the limits of hunting and the hunter. In Prey, a constant trapping play between fish (a symbol of life and happiness in Persian culture) and an old fisherman (old people representing the society norms). Yet, the fisherman can also be himself a bait.

 Hoorakhsh studios has produced short animated film to test experimental techniques in 2D animations. Paper-animated Prey has almost finished pre-production, and 3 more months are needed to finish production and post production.

The film is written by Payam Parsafar and produced by Ashkan Rahgozar. It has now found its way at .

3000 additional Euros (in 80 days 24 days) are needed to hire the artists responsible for drawing color and shadow levels (frame-by-frame), and complete the film in its alloted time.

 Read the director's statement below:

From that time when Prometheus was condemned to a repetitive life, human's too involvements in constraints of life and routines has been their greatest fear. Now that the modern life has put mankind in an endless repeat, the human's fear of this endless disaster became greater. In various cultures such as Persian, fish is a symbol of life and happiness and old man is a symbol of experience and reliance on ancient social traditions.

 This film attempts to indicate the actual confrontation of these two symbols in everyday life while is reviewing the concept of death. The fish and its frustration of the trap, refers to modern human's confusion. Life is full of large and small nodes in this contemporary world. The harder we try to break free from the nodes; the more complex and tighter they get.

 The selected atmosphere in this animation is foggy on the lake and the surrounding jungle, and it is also tried to display a new symbol of the modern human suffering from his routine life, with the use of broken lines and geometrical shapes in characters' structures. The loneliness of the characters and lack of their direct confrontation is also provoking this concept.




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