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Twelve projects originated from countries across Europe were selected for the fifth edition of Cinekid Script LAB.

Cinekid Script LAB celebrates its 5th edition with sixteen writers and 12 promising projects. It is a six-month project-driven initiative that focuses on the development of scripts for children’s films. The LAB starts during Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam in October 2018 and runs until the Berlinale in Berlin in February 2019.

LAB participants work with internationally acclaimed advisors, who push them to their creative limits. The coaching offered to each filmmaker is tailor-made and addresses the needs of both the writer and the story across the LAB’s two-phased trajectory. Teamwork and the interpersonal exchange of ideas and experiences within a safe and nurturing lab environment are the foundation stones of Cinekid’s Script LAB.

The King & The Thief is the second feature film, after the Trippel Trappel film,  by Albert ’t Hooft and Paco Vink, which recently got funded. Their aim is to “develop a thrilling coming of age adventure in glorious 2D”. Albert ’t Hooft and Paco Vink are the founders of Anikey, a 2D animation studio based in The Hague in the Netherlands. They create independent and commissioned animations for TV & Film with an emphasis on originality, story, characters and fun, while they specialise in traditional 2D digital animation.

Twelve projects originated from countries across Europe were selected to push the projects into their next phase. Besides the participation of promising new talents, selected writers include, amongst others, Christian Lo (with Jenny’s Time), who’s previous film Los Bando was presented at Cinekid Junior Co-production Market in 2016, premiered during Berlinale Generation in February 2018 and is selected for the international competition at Cinekid 2018. Fiona van Heemstra, known for her work on Sing Song (Cinekid 2017), Pim & Pom (Cinekid 2014) and Fox and Hare, which will premiere at Cinekid 2018. She will participate with her new project Jippie no more!

The projects and participating writers selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2018-2019 are:

Title: Abbababb!
Writer(s): Nanna Kristín
Country of production: Iceland
Producer(s): Julius Kemp (The Icelandic Film Company)
Nominated by: Icelandic Film Center

Title: The Beanie
Writer(s): Saša Eržen
Country of production: Slovenia
Producer(s): Ida Weiss (Senca Studio)

Title: BLOCK 5
Writer(s): Dora Šuštić
Country of production: Slovenia, Croatia
Producer(s): Barbara Daljavec, Branislav Srdić (A Atalanta d.o.o.)

Title: Here Be Monsters
Writer(s): Domien Huyghe, Wendy Huyghe
Country of production: Belgium
Nominated by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund

Title: Jenny’s Time
Writer(s): Christian Lo
Country of production: Norway
Producer(s): Filmbin AS, TMM Produksjon

Title: Jippie no more!
Writer(s): Fiona van Heemstra
Country of production: The Netherlands
Producer(s): Iris Otten, Nathalie van der Burg (Pupkin Film)

Title: Kids Cup (working title) (documentary)
Writer(s): Line Hatland
Country of production: Norway
Producer(s): Mari Monrad Vistven (Medieoperatørene AS)
Nominated by: Norwegian Film Institute

Title: The King and The Thief (animation)
Writer(s): Albert 't Hooft, Paco Vink
Country of production: The Netherlands
Producer(s): Arnoud Rijken, Michiel Snijders (il Luster)
Nominated by: Netherlands Film Fund

Title: Slopie
Writer(s): Gaetana Poponcini
Country of production: Belgium
Producer(s): Katleen Goossens (Bulletproof Cupid bvba)

Title: Snot and Splash
Writer(s): Ilja Rautsi
Country of production: Finland
Producer(s): Jani Pösö (It´s Alive Films)
Nominated by: Finnish Film Foundation

Title: When Fish Start Flying
Writer(s): Eché Janga, Esther Duysker
Country of production: The Netherlands, Curaçao
Producer(s): Derk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen (Keplerfilm)

Title: Winning
Writer(s): Jessika Jankert, Anders Hazelius
Country of production: Sweden
Nominated by: Swedish Film Institute

Cinekid Script LAB is a six-month project-driven initiative that focuses on the development of scripts for children’s films. The LAB starts during Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam in October and runs until the Berlinale in Berlin in February 2019. It is funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and organised in close collaboration with international partner organisations, such as the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Icelandic Film Centre, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Norwegian Film Institute and the Swedish Film Institute. The LAB is key to Cinekid’s ambition to nurture talent and support the entire film production chain, from development to finance to exploitation. Furthermore, it has proved to be a valuable tool in strengthening Cinekid’s international network. 

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