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The Summit of the Gods (Le sommet des dieux), Allah is Not Obliged among the feature film projects to get funding.

The Film Fund Luxembourg revealed its committee selections for the summer round of 2018 (script development -production), which included 5 animated projects in development/production.

The Summit of Gods (Le sommet des dieux) is adapted from a work by manga arist Jiro Taniguchi,  and is a co-production (France/Luxembourg) between Juliane Films, Folivari and Melusine Productions. Directed by Patrick Imbert (The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales), it features a script adaptation by Magali Pouzol. The original manga series follows the photographer Fukamachi, who goes on a mountain-climbing adventure to Everest, after a mountaineer  who went missing.

Le sommet des dieux

The 85-minute 3D computer family film, My Fairy Troublemaker and Me by Florian Westermann and Caroline Origer  was also funded. A German/ Luxembourg co-production (Ilon Ilona Schultz / Fortune Cookie Film GmbH), Maite WOKÖCK / Ella Filmproduktion GmbH / Fabrique D'Images, Luxembourg)

10-year-old Maxie can’t believe her eyes when little fairy Violetta turns up in her bedroom. Maxie sees her dream come true: to return to her grandmother’s house in the countryside. But soon it turns out that Violetta is a magical washout suffering from a serious chocolate addiction - Film Synopsis

Doghouse films production of the 2D animation series De Krozelclub  (dir. Jacopo Armani) involves situations with a free play of imagination. Watch the pilot.

Fabrique d’Images has a second project funded (script development phase). The pre-school series with the cow Henrietta now becomes a feature film (Henrietta – The Moovie), directed by Chérifa Bakhti and Dieter Riepenheusen.

The second feature film project is the French/Luxembourg co-production by Special Touch Studio  and Paul Thiltges Distributions, Allah is not obliged (Allah n'est pas obligé) by French animation director and illustrator Zaven Najjar . The 2D/3D adult film project  was presented at Cartoon Movie 2018.

When ten-year-old Birahima’s mother dies, he leaves his native village in Guinea, accompanied by the sorcerer and cook Yacouba, to search for his aunt Mahan. Crossing the border into Liberia, they are seized by rebels and forced into military service. Birahima becomes a child-soldier. Fighting in a chaotic civil war alongside many other boys, Birahima sees death, torture, dismemberment and madness but somehow manages to retain his own sanity.

Allah is not obliged

The full list:

Script Development

  • Allah n’est pas obligé – 60.000 € –feature film – auteure: Karine Winczura – auteur-réalisateur: Zaven Najjar – production: Paul Thiltges Distributions.
  • Henrietta – The Moovie – 50.000 € – feature film – auteur: Neil Ennever – auteurs-réalisateur: Chérifa Bakhti, Dieter Riepenheusen production:
    Fabrique d’Images.


  • Le sommet des dieux – 1.700.000 € –feature film – auteure: Magali Pouzol – auteur-réalisateur: Patrick Imbert – production: Melusine Productions.
  • My Fairy Troublemaker and Me – 3.100.000 € –feature film – auteurs: Silja Clemens, Pamela Hickey, Dennys Mc Coy, Reza Memari, Joe Vitale, Mike Moselle – auteure-réalisatrice: Caroline Origer – production: Fabrique d’Images.
  • De Krozelclub – 1.000.000 € – animation series – auteur: Frédéric Neuen – auteur- réalisateur: Jacopo Armani – production: Doghouse Films.

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