Coming in 2018, the new 2D animation story on one of the greatest film directors, Luis Buñuel.

Produced by Manuel Cristobal (Wrinkles) and directed by former Disney animator Salvador Simo, the 2D animation film gives its own take on the famous Spanish surrealist director.

Based on the graphic novel by Fermin Solis, and his filming Land Without Bread (Tierra Sin Pan) in 1933, immediately after the outrage his earlier film, L'Age D'Or (1930) caused.

1930, Paris, the film The Golden Age is a scandal and Luis Buñuel, who thought he was destined to be the star of surrealism, is left with nothing. He is offered a documentary project on one of the poorest places in Spain, Las Hurdes, but he has no money. His friend the sculptor Ramón Acín buys a lottery ticket while jokingly promising to finance the film with it. He wins and keeps his promise.

The harshness of Las Hurdes and the extreme misery of its people affect Buñuel deeply. Reality, dreams, memories of his childhood and of Salvador Dalí intermingle in his mind, endangering the production and his friendship with Ramón. From there will emerge the Buñuel of the future.

But what is left on the way? How much does that step cost?

Manolo Galiana, who was animation director in Chico and Rita (and lead animator in Chomet's The Illusionist) resumes duties here as animation director.

The film is produced by Sygnatia, Glow, The Glow Animation Studio, Submarine Hampa, Telemadrid, and Canal Extremadura TV.

International sales are handled by Latido Films. Bunuel in the labyrinth of the turtles (Buñuel En El Laberinto De Las Tortugas) is scheduled for a 2018 release.

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