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The trailers for the 86 TV projects during the latest edition of the prermiere European pitching forum in September 2018.

86 TV projects (series and specials) were pitched during the 29th edition of Cartoon Forum in Toulouse (10-13 Sep 2018).  Here you can find all the trailers/excerpts of the selected projects, which were presented during the event. Enjoy!

[order in the way they appear on CARTOON edited video]

1. Tiny Bad Wolf - Xilam Animation (France)
2. The Snores - Gertie (Italy)
3. Paperman, and Machégirl smash the Holograms - Contentinuum (Belgium)
4. Rabbit Academy - Akkord Film Produktion (Germany)
5. Globozone - Umanimation (France)
6. Brave Bunnies -  Glowberry/Sardine Productions (Ukraine - Canada)
7. The Borrowers - Blue Spirit Productions (France)
8. Flo and the Intrepids - Anima Kitchent Media (Spain)
9. The Wild Truth - Anthem Studios (United Kingdom)
10. 390 - Calon/Telegael (UK/Ireland)
11. The Fluffy Four - Lunanime/Beast Animation (Belgium)
12. The Who What - Silex Films/Doncvoilà Productions (France)
13. Looking for Santa - Folimage/Lunanime (France/Belgium)
14. The Huggingtons - Klipp & Lim/Muse Entertainment (Norway/Canada)
15. Invasion of the Moofaloo - Giggle Media (UK)

1. Droners,  Cyber Group Studios (France)/La Chouette Compagnie (France)/Supamonks (France)
2. Harry and Bip Summer Season (Ink and Light (Finland)/Ink and Light Ireland (Ireland)
3. Not Funny- Nichtlustig  (Germany)
4. Silly Sundays - Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)
5. Jax's Merlin Lineage - Squeeze (Canada)
6. Lottie - Arx Anima (Austria)
7. Maëly's Mysteries - Panique, Nadasdy Film, Folimage (Belgium/France/Switzerland)
8. Pompon Little Bear - Supamonks (France)
9. Tufo - Les Contes Modernes/Showlab (France/Italy)
10. Samsam - Folivari/Bayard Jeuness Animation (France)
11. Tom's Taxi - Zooper Film/Grid Animation (Germany/Belgium)
12. Rabbit from a Tin Hat - Origin Tales (Serbia)

1. We Are the Arists (Ex Nihilo/Folimage)
2. One Thousand and One Animals - Haruworks (Finland)
3. Liru and Taya - FunGame Media/Riki Group (Germany/Russia)
4. Paradise Valley - GunHil (Iceland)
5. In Your Face - Doncvoilà Productions/Bridges (France)
6. Lola On Board - Tile/Digital Comedia (Italy)
7. Milo - Fourth Wall Creative (UK)
8. Arjuna - Favola Films/CarpeDiem Film and TV (France/Canada)
9. Runemasters - Bigchild (Germany)
10. Zouk, the little witch with a big personality - Bayaard, Jeunesse Animation/Normaal Animation (France)
11. Danielle Dee - Ouo Time /Letron TV (Spain/Israel)
12. The Veggie Show - Beluga Jungle (Belgium)
13. Deep in the Bowl - Zeilt Productions/Watt Frame (France)
14. Big Lizard - Beakus (UK)
15. Urikito 3024 - La Chouette Compagnie (France)
16. Flix - Eye Present/Pictor Productions (UK/ Ireland)
17. Chad and Clark - Animalps Productions/Montblanc Pictures/Nippon Animation (France/Japan)
18. Bento - Mr. Klaus Studio/Salon Indien Films (Spain)

1. The Knickers Bros - Studio Redfrog (France)
2. Little Grey Wolfy - ULVENFILM (Norway)
3. Digedags - The Knight Runkel - Mar Vista Media (Germany)
4. Magic Molly - Filmblades (Cyprus)/Pixel Giants (Cyprus)
5. Pixie Fix and The Lost Dewdrops - Umatik Entertainment (Hungary)
6. Wow Cow - ALT Animation (UK)/Avalon Television (UK)
7. Bottle, Box and The Ball - Carousel (Serbia)
8. Mobilis - LE REGARD SONORE (France)

1. Country Kids - La Station Animation (France)
2. Patapwal - Take Five (Belgium)
3. Chicken Big - Bestial Investments (Spain)/GraveRobber Productions (USA)
4. Odo - Letko (Poland)/Sixteen South (UK)
5. Mum is Pouring Rain - Laïdak Films (France)
6. V and The Anaon Ghosts - Vivement Lundi! (France)
7. Little People, Big Dreams - WKND (Spain)
8. Luis and The Aliens - Ulysses Filmproduktion (Germany)/Fabrique d'Images (Luxembourg)/A. Film Production (Denmark)
9. South Farm - Yarki Studio (Ukraine)/Yarki Kids (Ukraine)
10. A Bear Named Wojtek - The Illuminated Film Company (UK)/Filmograf (Poland)
11. Momolu and Friends - Ferly Entertainment (Finland)
12. Origin Arena - Mad Films (France)
13. Billy The Cowboy Hamster - Dandelooo (France)
14. Adventures in Bodytown - Mediatoys (Spain)
15. Orbiteers UFO Rescue Team - Wolkenlenker UG (haftungbeschränkt) (Germany)

1. Splat & Seymour - Just Kids (France)
2. Wonderful Thumthum - Electural (South Korea)
3. Noah's Tree - Filmfabriq (Hungary)
4. Woolly Woolly - Normaal (France)/Groupe PVP (Canada)
5. Mustard & Ketchup - Animation Garden (United Kingdom)
6. Kiwiwho & Maeva - Kiwiwho Productions (Belgium)
7. Syncro 5 - beQ entertainment (Italy)/MADE (Italy)/FRIMA (Canada)/Ellipsanime (France)
8. Komaneko, The Curious Cat - Komadoli Studio (France)/Dwarf Studios (Japan)
9. Future Postman - AddArt (Greece)/Pangolin Entertainment (Greece)/Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece (Greece)
10. Marmots - Nexus Factory (Belgium)/Film & Video Production (Switzerland)
11. Mentor - Boo Productions (Greece)/COSMOTE TV (Greece)
12. Selfish - Kazak Productions (France)

Created in 1990 to boost the co-production and distribution of European animation for TV and new media platforms, Cartoon Forum has helped 734 animation series obtain financing to the tune of over 2,5 billion Euros. The 29th CARTOON Forum takes place 10-13 September in Toulouse, France.

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