November 06, 2018

阿公 A Gong (Grandpa) by Gobelins Students

Expressing your own sorrow in a meaningful way. Watch 阿公 A Gong (Grandpa) by Gobelins…
December 31, 2014

Yellow Sticky Notes by Canadian Anijam

Yellow Sticky Notes by an impressive array of Canadian animators. Watch the inspiring, experimental animation…
October 09, 2013

X by Max Hattler: Experimental symphony

The unknown X becomes a whole symphony of shapes. Watch the experimental X by Max…
April 09, 2014

Writer's Block by Tom Gran and Martin Wooley

When the writer's block becomes imprisoned. Watch the inventive Writer's Block by Tom Gran and…
July 06, 2013

Wish List by Griff

What is your wish? Griff and Scott Garrettinvestigate all possibilities -in animated form via their…
December 04, 2013

Wind by Robert Loebel

Sometimes extraordinary weather conditions are not an impediment after all. Watch Wind by Robert Loebel.
July 21, 2012

Why can't you just see me? Eleni Tomadaki experiments with invisibility

Diving straight into the of experimental animation terrain, the short film Why can't you just…
July 14, 2012

Where are you? Tender short by Cornelius Joksch

Cornelius Joksch presents a short story about disappearance and oblivion: Where are you?
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