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The Sustainability Animation Residency (SAR) 2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
16 November 2021
Arles, France
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Event Description:

The Sustainability Animation Residency – SAR was set up to help amplify the urgency of environmental action with the powerful tools of animation. Situated near Arles, SAR seeks to tap into the unique pool of a world-class animation industry based in and around Arles, and to support their talents in a global context. SAR’s objective is to award one of the competing proposals for a ‘Sustainable Short’ touching on any aspect of the environment such as climate change, endangered oceans, resource scarcity, future of food and agriculture, future cities, energy supply, mobility, species diversity, waste management, pollution, health, sustainable fashion and any other suitable topics.

2022 Call for entries

The six-week SAR, which also includes a visit and presentation at the Annecy Festival, will give the chosen director the opportunity to develop further the submitted ‘Sustainable Short’ proposal, its content, artistic scope, narrative and graphic research, including:

  • Storyboard
  • Script
  • Animation Development, the ‘Synthetic Image’

SAR allows the required time and space to create and complete the application file and present it as an international industry standard animation film pitch to target producers, finance partner/s as well as other creative talents at the Annecy Festival with the guidance of Miyu Distribution. Travel, accommodation and organisation of the Annecy visit will be the sole responsibility of Miyu Distribution.

The director will also have the chance to engage with local mentors and institutions in weekly sessions arranged by Miyu Distribution to discuss and reflect on critical points of the project.

SAR entails accommodation at an independent studio house on a rural property, a ‘per diem’ for 42 days, travel expenses, a local rental car, a bicycle, an activities budget, as well as a celebratory screening evening and presentation of the project. In its entirety SAR represents a value of about €10k.

Any technical equipment such as PCs and/or LT should be the property of, and supplied by, the Resident themselves.

A shortlist of the three best proposals will be compiled and announced by the ‘PreJury’ by early-December. The SAR Winner will be voted from the shortlist by the ‘ProJury’ and publicised at a press conference in January.

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Applicants must be a graduate of a higher education art, film, or animation school and therefore qualify as a director or creative professional with at least one completed/produced audio-visual animation short on their CV. This could either be an independently produced animation film and/or a school graduation film.
  • SAR is for one individual only and the outlined dates are obligatory as well as a signed commitment agreement and an acceptance letter of the Residency conditions.
  • The project must be presented in the animated format, in writing, clearly defining the area of sustainability you wish to focus on and the reasons for it. The stated environmental facts must be authenticated and based on public research and sources by validated institutions.
  • Your application must include
  • A motivation letter about why SAR is important for your project.
  • A synopsis or treatment of your mandatory project, containing a written description of the project, supported by graphics and sketches.
  • The topic of sustainability: intentions, purpose, and possible impact of the project in an environmental context.
  • A mood board and soundscape including musical cues, and ideally some technical notes.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • Your Showreel and previous works, including student works.

  • Application
  • Deadline: 16 November 2021

2021 Coverage

Selected Resident

  • Gabrielle Lissot Les Louves


- Pauline Gregoire for "Bombus"
- Gabrielle Lissot for "Les Louves"
-Victori Jalabert & Heloïse Courtois for the "Sandwich au poisson"
- Marlijn van Nuenen for "Randhanu River"



Event Dates

  • From 22 May 2021 to 03 July 2021


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