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Find the animation producers with/without projects in development to participate in the new ACE Producers Ireland event, ACE Animation Special.

ACE Producers has announced the sixteen producers that have been selected for the first edition of the ACE Animation Special that will take place during Animation Dingle in Ireland this coming March.

The ACE Animation Special is a hands-on workshop for experienced producers who want to diversify their activities to include, and/or deepen their knowledge of, developing and producing long form/feature film animation production for an international audience (cinema, broadcast or streaming). In close collaboration with Screen Skills Ireland and Animation Dingle and support from other key Irish partners – Screen Ireland, BAI, Animation Skillnet, IDA and Animation Ireland – the 5-day workshop will be held in March 2020.

Producers were selected either with or without an animation project in the early stages of development, though each runs a company focusing its sights on animation. Eleven countries are represented in the selection: Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Here we find names like the Croatian producer Sinisa Juricic (Nukleus film), the company which develops Anja Kofmel's (Chriss the Swiss), next feature, Hello Isabel. Denis Vaslin  (Volya Films) prepares Tess Martin's (Ginevra, Orbit) new feature project, Tracing Rita

Arash T. Riahi (Golden Girls Film) will pitch the Austrian feature film project Micromeo by Jean Claude Carriere & Virgil Widrich, which talks of the forbidden love between the young Bacterium Micromeo and Antibody-girl Globia.

German producer Fabian Driehorst (In the Distance, Carlotta's Face) also participates. Last but not least, it is very interesting to see what happened with  Golem feature by Jiří Barta, a project that has been in development for a long time (here's a pilot). Czech producer  Vladimir Lhotak (Hausboot) will be at ACE Animation Special to present the project.

Animation was high on my list. I’m thrilled to have established a partnership with Screen Skills Ireland and Animation Dingle and to be bringing such a great group of international producers to Ireland to discover the global potential of their animation projects.” The group consists of experienced producers from both inside and outside the ACE Network - ACE director and head of studies, Jacobine van der Vloed


Jonathan Clarke – Ireland – Distillery Films
“Sullivan Sails” series by Carol Freeman

Jérôme Dopffer – France – Les Productions Balthazar
“Diotime and the Lions” feature by Santi Minasi

Fabian Driehorst – Germany – Fabian&Fred
Attending without a project

Stephen Fagan – Ireland – Studio Meala
“Queen Méabh” feature by Elle Power

Sinisa Juricic – Croatia – Nukleus film
“Hello Isabel” feature by Anja Kofmel

Kristine Knudsen – Norway – Den siste skilling
“Checkmate” feature, director tbc

Vladimir Lhotak – Czech Republic – Hausboot
“Golem” feature by Jiří Barta

Galilé Marion Gauvin – Canada – Productions l’unité centrale
Attending without a project

Rebecca Mark-Lawson – UK – Tyke Films
“The Scarlet & The White: A Persian Love Story” feature by Fateme Ahmadi

Heather Millard – Iceland – Compass Films
“Ormhildur the Brave” series by Thorey Mjallhvit

Patrice Nezan – France – Les Contes Modernes
“War with the Salamanders” feature by Catherine Maximoff

Catryn Ramasut – United Kingdom – ie ie productions
“Candylion” feature, director tbc

Arash T. Riahi – Austria – Golden Girls Film
“Micromeo” feature by Jean Claude Carriere & Virgil Widrich

Nancy Florence Savard – Canada – 10th Ave Productions
Attending without a project

Marleen Slot – The Netherlands – Viking Film
Attending without a project

Denis Vaslin – The Netherlands – Volya Films
“Tracing Rita” feature by Tess Martin

 ACE Animation Special is organized by ACE Producers, in close collaboration with Screen Skills Ireland and Animation Dingle and support from other key Irish partners – Screen Ireland, BAI, Animation Skillnet, IDA,  Animation Ireland and Creative Europe Desk Ireland – the 5-day workshop will be held from March 17th to 22nd in Dingle, Ireland. Find more info in the official site.

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