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Turku Animated Film Festival Pro, 26-28 Aug 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
26 August 2020 - 28 August 2020
Turku, Finland
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Festival Description

Turku Animated Film Festival is an international film festival that celebrates the creative mind and the art of animation. TAFF seeks to promote animated film culture both in Finland and internationally

2020  Coverage
(Festival Statement) Turku Animated Film Festival – also known as TAFF– is the biggest and loveliest animation festival in Finland. The festival was established as a meeting point for filmmakers, industry delegates and local lovers of animation. We realized that due to this uncertain situation, we would not be able to offer a full TAFF-experience this year. We wanted to hold on to the real spirit of TAFF – that’s why it didn’t seem natural for us to take the whole festival online either. Instead, this year our festival will get a little sibling, TAFF Pro, a smaller event mainly for professionals of animation. This year we received in total more than 2000 animated shorts for the International Competition, International Student Film Competition, TAFF Junior Competition and National Competition. It is more than ever, and we’re thankful for all of you who participated. Next year the submissions will be opened again and the selections for the awards will be chosen from both year’s applicants. So now, let’s have a creative, well-deserved pause! The next Turku Animated Film Festival will be held August 25–29, 2021.

TAFF Pro (26-28 August 2020)

The first TAFF Pro – an event for animation professionals – takes place in a beautifully restored old factory milieu by the River Aura in Turku, Finland, Aug 26 - 28, 2020.

Selected Projects for the TAFF Pro X Anidox development workshop 

TAFF Pro will be organized in cooperation with the Danish Anidox-forum at the old factory of Manilla by the River Aura on, and for some parts of the event there will be an option to join in online environment too. The event consists of master classes and screenings, which are open for the whole animation industry. In addition there will be a workshop for Finnish projects in development that combine documentary style and animation. The following 8 projects were selected among the 23 submitted projects.

Inka Achte: The Last Carriage (P: Napafilms)
Anna Blom: My Brother Drowned Outside Lampedusa (P: ja! mediaproduction)
Annika Dahlsten: Campfire in a Zoo
Catarina Diehl: Cheating is good for you
Leena Kilpeläinen: In The World of Colour and Shape – Maija Isola (P: Greenlit Productions Oy)
Anna Korhonen: Olga K
Vesa Kuosmanen & Saila Kivelä: We Are Animals (P: Tuffi Films)
Katja Niemi: A Bogey Mom

Screening: Magic Mountain (2015),  the second part of Damian’s trilogy of animated documentaries. It will be shown this August in TAFF Pro in Manilla, Turku. The film is about a Polish mountain climber, photographer and anti-communist Adam Jacek Winkler, who fought in the Soviet-Afgan war against The Soviet Union.

2019 Festival Coverage

The fourth TAFF welcomes British animation director Phil Mulloy, to Turku. Mulloy serves as a member of the jury of international competition at the festival. Mulloy, who in his work satirically chronicles the darker sides of human nature, presents two screenings for the audience of TAFF. In addition to the screening of a series of short films, also Mulloy’s Intolerance trilogy, widely regarded as one of the director’s most significant works will be screened at the festival.

One of the biggest innovations this year is the expansion of the festival venue from the theatres of the Manilla to the courtyard, which doubles as a cinema for numerous outdoor screenings over the weekend. Open air screenings include: The feature Away, made entirely by Latvian Gints Zilbalodis, who has taken Annecy and Zagreb this summer by storm. Estonian agent comedy Frank & Wendy, written by Priit Pärn and directed by Kaspar Jancis, Ulo Pikkov and Priit Tender will also be screened at Manilla yard.

In addition to the competition screenings, the program features Chinese and Portuguese contemporary animation (curated by Gerben Schermer and Cinanima, respectively), Pride screenings and a visually stunning horror feature La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House, D: Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña), which is inspired by the true story of the ‘Colonia Dignidad’ (Dignity Colony) in Chile, a secretive organization founded by German émigrés after World War II.

The series is directed by Niina Suominen. Suominen’s work is united by the use of traditional craft-oriented animation techniques as a means of expressing media art. In the works, the rhythm and movement are more important than the drama, often reaching the point of meditation.

A record of three installations are on display at TAFF this year. On Wednesday and Thursday, Opus Luxcity, a videomapping piece, commissioned from local artists Frida Lindholm and Fanni Maliniemi, will be on view at Viinatehdas in Manilla.

Elli Maanpää’s Augmented Painting combines acrylic paintings with 2D animation and augmented reality. The works of art have been inspired by Finnish proverbs, which are known to be somewhat discouraging. In her works, Maanpää strives to give new interpretations to the proverbs. The works placed across the festival venue can be watched through a free app Arilyn.

Tess Martin’s Orbit is a phonotrope project about the relationship between humanity and the sun. It consists of a 7 minute short film (part of the TAFF International Competition), an interactive installation with turntables and smartphones, a flexi disc, and a print series with associated animations. The work will be on display at the 8raita record store from Wednesday to Saturday of the festival week.

Films in TAFF Junior competition will be shown both indoors and outdoors during the weekend. In addition, Finland’s first children’s drive-in outdoor screening will be held for the little festival visitors on Saturday. The afternoon’s program will be completed by an outdoor screening of the Ghibli classic My Neighbor Totoro.

The Turku Öl Film Festival will be celebrated again on Saturday. Indulging all senses, the screening comes with five quality shorts paired with beer.

Festival trailer:

The largest animation film festival in Finland, Turku Animated Film Festival, as well as TAFF Junior for children and youth will take place in Turku on August 21-25. The full program of over 50 shows is available at The festival is supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation (Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund), Arts Promotional Centre Finland, AVEK, The City of Turku, Pro Manillasäätiö and TOP Foundation. The Grand Prix worth €1,000 is sponsored by Yle Uusi Kino. The main partner is Rajupaja.

2018 Festival Coverage

2017 Festival Coverage

2016 Festival Coverage

2020  Call for Entries (Archive)

Turku Animated Film Festival is a fresh international film festival celebrating creativity and the art of animation. The fifth edition of TAFF takes place in Turku, Finland, August 26-30, 2020, presenting dozens of events during five days.

TAFF seeks to promote animated film culture both in Finland and internationally.

Festival’s submissions are open to films applying all animation techniques. Over 70% of the production must be animated, and the Festival reserves the right to determine whether an entry qualifies as animation. Films should be completed after 1 January 2019. Short animated films (maximum running time 30 minutes) can be submitted to Competition for Animated Shorts in following categories:

- International Competition

- International Student Film Competition

- TAFF Junior Competition

- National Competition

Films submitted in other categories will automatically be considered for International Competition.



Event Dates

  • From 26 August 2020 to 28 August 2020


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