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§ Irish Cardel Entertainment is in production on a new short animation with director Daniel Stankler called Pussy on the Riviera. The film is a feminist, comedic reinterpretation of the 60s mystery / jewellery heist genre, inspired by the Pink Panther movies and Agathie Christie’s Death on the Nile. But rather than jewels, the cat burglar is stealing expensive pets.

"While on her honeymoon somewhere exotic, a young, unhappy woman finds a sense of empowerment by stealing her uncaring husband’s pet cat – inspired by the cat burglar at work in the hotel.”

Daniel Stankler is a frame by frame animator; his animations come from his love of stories – old stories and new ones, myths, legends and murder mysteries. He takes these stories and makes strange and trippy animations out of them, with odd, unexpected characters, in the hopes that they’ll tell us something about modern life – be it relationships, gender equality or simply other people’s perspectives.

§ Portuguese animation company Sardinha em Lata prepares The Monkey (co-production: Lightbox). The film is a 2D, 13-minute animation historical drama directed by Lorenzo Degl’Innocenti and Xosé Zapata.

In 1588, a castaway from the Spanish Armada, sent from Portugal by Philip II of Spain to conquer England, is captured on an Irish beach. There he is tried, declared guilty and hanged to death. All of this would be reasonable according to the laws of war and hatred among humans. The problem is the prisoner is a monkey.

The first pics show a highly dramatic (and cinematic) tone for the film

§ Colombian animation studio HIERROanimación is one of the of the 9 animation studios selected around the world and the only one in Latin America to  produce in collaboration with Ubisoft for the "Rabbids Short Stories" project. It is self-described, he Absurdity of Human Society... through the rabbid's eyes.

(Find the hilarious HIERROanimación contribution 'Augment your life' at 13:15)

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