Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival, 24-26 Sep 2021

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24 September 2021 - 26 September 2021
Gdansk, Poland
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Festival Description:

Organizer  of  the Rising  of  Lusitania-AnimaDoc  Film  Festival is Animation Across Borders.  The base of the Rising of  Lusitania -AnimaDoc Film Festival is international competition dedicated entirely  to animated documentaries.

The first recognized example of animadoc (animated documentary) is Winsor McCay's short film “The Sinking of the Lusitania” (1918, 12-minute-long), which uses animation to portray the 1915 sinking of RMS Lusitania.

The 3rd edition of the festival will take place Gdansk, LAZNIA for Contemporary Art (screenings) and Finer Art Academy (conference).

2021 Call for Entries

Rising of Lusitania - AnimaDoc Film Festival starts its third journey from the call for entries to the international competition of animated documentaries.
1. Rising of Lusitania - AnimaDoc Film Festival will be held on Gdańsk (Poland),07-13.09.2021.
3. The base of the Rising of Lusitania - AnimaDoc Film Festival is an international competition dedicated entirely to animated documentaries.
4. Under the name of “animadoc” / “animated documentaries,” the Organizer understands the movie that combines animation with the documentary context or documentary approach.
5. To the Competition, we accept animated documentaries, from all over the world, done in any animation technique, not longer than 90 minutes (with closing credits), where the animation at least 90% of the full movie length and realized after January 1st, 2018.
6. Submission to the competition is free of charge

  • Regulations
  • Entry form (online). Include a link to the screener of the movie, with English subtitles (Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.). Alternatively, you may submit via FilmFreeway / ClickForFestivals
  • Deadline: 18 July 2021

2020 Festival Coverage

II Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival | Pandemic Edition

From burning world issues to personal family stories and intimate confidences. From the revision of historical events to topics of exclusion in various aspects. From portraits of people to portraits of cities. The creators of animated documentaries take up various topics, look for a suitable means of expression using the unlimited possibilities of animation. By often asking difficult questions, they inspire critical thinking and to search for no easy answers. At II Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival, 130 submissions (2017-2020) came from 39 countries, including such surprising ones as Congo, Myanmar, Oman, Senegal, or Yemen.

Finally, 36 films were accepted into the competition: 33 animated documentaries and 3 animated mockumentary; 9 student films, and 27 professional films. The films will be judged by a 5-person jury composed of Victoria Marinov (Bulgaria/Poland; an author of documentaries and short fiction films, photographer; now based in Poland), Marcin Podolec (Poland; comic artist, director, animator, producer; works mostly on animated documentaries), Agnieszka Powierska (Poland; film and museum educator, focusing on the animated documentaries), Mariia Snisarenko (Ukraine/Poland; visual artist; photographer; now based in Poland), and Denis Viren (Russia; senior researcher/lecturer), and THE AUDIENCE THAT ALSO AWARDS ITS PRIZE!

The special, "pandemic edition" of the RISING OF LUSITANIA - AnimaDoc Film Festival will be held on September 07-13, so exactly in the dates of the maiden voyage of RMS Lusitania - from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom to New York, NY, United States. But the location will be not Liverpool or New York, or even Gdansk (lockdown in March stopped this plan), but Łódź (Lodz), the city in central Poland! Why Łódź, because Łódź/Lodz in English means... BOAT and very popular "promotional" name of the city is a BOAT CITY, although the city has no access to the sea or even the river. Moreover, the city's coat of arms depicts a boat! But at the same time have an amazing postindustrial character (sometimes called Polish Manchester or... Gotham City) and artistic and cultural significance (Film School and animation studios, with famous Se-ma-for).

The Jury will make their duty online. The results will be known on 13th September. In turn, between September 07-13, in two venues in Lodz (in the art-house cinema called BODO and in the artistic space called KIPISZ) all the movies will be presented on the traditional screenings for the audience, with all COVID-19 restrictions.

The festival program will include competition screenings of 36 excellent short animated documentaries from around the world, a medium-length documentary about the pioneer of animated film LOTTE REINIGER - DANCE OF THE SHADOWS (Germany 2012, Directors: Kurt Schneider, Rada Bieberstein, Susanne Marschall), a shocking feature film CHRIS THE SWISS (2018 Switzerland, Director: Anja Kofmel) awarded with the Grand Prix of the ANIMATOR Festival in Poland, as well as an online lecture about the animated documentaries, lead by a member of our Jury, Agnieszka Powierska.

The organizer of the Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival is Animation Across Borders, in cooperation with BODO Cinema and KIPISZ Club.


2019 Festival Coverage:



Event Dates

  • From 24 September 2021 to 26 September 2021