In Search Of by Adi Perets

Looking for love and inspiration. Watch the exquisite (and surrealistic) In Search Of by Adi Perets.

The Tell-Tale Heart by Annette Jung

Annette Jung adapts Edgar Allan Poe's story The Tell-Tale Heart, and invites us into a world of psychological horror.

Eden: A Cinephile, Tel Aviv Short by Mishar for Art students

A Cinema Paradiso moment: watch the nostalgic and slick animated short Eden.

Vitality by Deniz Öcal

Too round to dismiss. Watch Vitality by Turkish artist Deniz Öcal.

Memento Mori by Daniela Wayllace

Daniela Wayllace presents a highly symbolic and mesmerizing picture of women in Bolivia. Watch Memento Mori.

King Kababa and the Knight by Jason Reicher

 It will change your perception of bugs. Watch the chivalry-inspired short King Kababa and the Knight.

The Package by Daria Simkin & Vitaly Magdalits

Sometimes things in life cannot easily be controlled -and it's better that way. Watch The Package by Daria Simkin & Vitaly Magdalits.

Etamski / Penkalla - The Slip by Karolina Glusiec

Experimental animation: watch the music video The Slip by Karolina Glusiec.

Animation Hotline: Ode to Bikesharing by Dustin Grella

The talented New Yorker animator Dustin Grella animates a message left in the voicemail. Watch Ode to Bikesharing.


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