Tussilago by Jonas Odell: Terrorism And Its Consequences

A powerful animation documentary by Jonas Odell on a case of terrorism in the West Germany of the 70s. Watch Tussilago.

Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop by Caleb Wood

Caleb Wood presents the mesmerizing experimental short Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop.

Taurobolium by Galen Pehrson

A psychedelic trip attached to the music video of Devendra Banhart, and animated by Galen Pehrson. Watch Taurobolium.

Wind by Robert Loebel

Sometimes extraordinary weather conditions are not an impediment after all. Watch Wind by Robert Loebel.

Class of Death by Pavel Soukup

Not your ordinary class. The ominous universe of Class of Death by Pavel Soukup. Watch the film.

Somewhere by Nicolas Ménard

Nicolas Ménard becomes lyrical in space. Watch the beautiful Somewhere.

Marking the Distance by The Rauch Brothers

NY short on memory loss. Watch the arresting doc, Marking the Distance by the Rauch Brothers.

When I'm Scared by Fernanda Frick

The sunny side of waiting for a job interview. Watch When I'm Scared by Fernanda Frick.

Marshal Dear- Savages by Gergely Wootsch

Gergely Wootsch animates brilliantly a dark war video. Watch Marshal Dear by Savages band.


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