2D animation

  • Happy Ending by Eunju Ara Choi

    Here's an indie animation short about prostitution and the body. Watch and learn more about Happy Ending  by EunJu Ara Choi.

  • Snow Shelter by Robertas Nevecka

    Lithuanian animation director Robertas Nevecka talks about isolation, post-apocalyptic times and a snow shelter. Here's more on the animation short.

  • The Summit of the Gods by Patrick Imbert

    The Summit of the Gods is a French 2D animated feature film project, based on a manga by Jiro Taniguchi. It is directed by Patrick Imbert. Co-produced by Folivari, Julianne Films and Mélusine.

  • Mikey Bobby by Christian Groen

    US independent animator Christian Groen presents his animated film Mikey Bobby to Zippy Frames.

  • Angry Dogs by Shaun Clark

    Acclaimed UK filmmaker Shaun Clark makes an Instagram video and turns it into a short animated film in Angry Dogs. Here's what he says to Zippy Frames.

  • Altötting by Andreas Hykade

    Andreas Hykade directs the 2D animation film Altötting.

  • Cosmonaut by Kaspar Jancis

    Estonian Kaspar Jancis has a new animation short Cosmonaut.

  • Fire (Pozar) by David Lynch

    Here's a semi-unexpected animation short directed by David Lynch: Fire (Pozar).

  • Let Love Live On by Daniel Stankler

    Daniel Stankler presents his commissioned animation short, Let Love Live On.

  • Les Lèvres Gercées by Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung

    Here's the very relevant LGBT story Les Lèvres Gercées (Chapped lips) by Gobelins students Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung.

  • #FlattenTheCurve by Studio Desk

    Over 140 animators from around the world used their creative talents to make #Flattenthecurve videos, organized by Studio Desk.

  • Community Heroes: Muhammad Munir by Pedro Serrazina

    Here's an animation documentary on children and their own community experiences. Watch Muhammad Munir by Pedro Serrazina.

    This is the second of three animation documentaries for ReThink EU sponsored project against discrimination that Portuguese animation filmmaker Pedro Serrazina (Tale About the Cat and the Moon) has directed.

    The campaign aims to show how how civic engagement provides resilience mechanisms, such as a sense of community and identity to more vulnerable youth within the Muslim community. The shorts are based in conversations held with children about their own experiences.

    Muhammad is 13 years old and lives in Amadora, Lisbon. He likes to watch airplanes with his dad. He likes maths, English language and playing games with his friends. At school, he gets along with everyone, but sometimes there can be unexpected "little jokes" - Film Synopsis

    It has been a strange coincidence, and it feels particularly relevant, to be dealing with issues of exclusion at a time when we are all in social isolation due to a virus which, sadly, will increase extreme social inequalities - Pedro Serrazina

    Watch Community Heroes: Muhammad Munir

    Film Review (Vassilis Kroustallis):

    The film's episodic nature is well-suited by its collage aesthetics, and those little pieces of hands, mouths and food could tell their own story, but here they are used as fragments of a life. Community Heroes: Muhammad Munir goes for the ordinary instead of the dramatic (even in Muhammad's own narration and the way he describes unkind incidents); a film that evokes sympathy within its total duration of screening time, it makes you think that even a family bonding takes some effort -let alone a more extended community, cultural feeling of belonging.

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  • Decorado by Alberto Vázquez

    Short animation film Decorado by Alberto Vázquez is now available online.

  • Airmail (Messages Dans L' Air) by Isabelle Favez

    A cat, a goldfish, a boxer and a girl. Here's Airmail (Messages Dans L' Air) by Isabelle Favez.

  • Analysis Paralysis by Anete Melece

    A really gentle film in its unique way. Watch Analysis Paralysis by Anete Melece.

  • Fragments by Mark Neeley

    Βeing at home and making a journey. Watch the animated Fragments by Mark Neeley and read the story behind the film.

  • Quarantine Animation Times in Short #2

    Find animation shorts made during our quarantine period. Our second part here.

  • Between Us Two by Tan Wei Keong

    A gay son talks to his dead mother in the intrinsically personal short Between Us Two by animation director Tan Wei Kong. Watch the film and read our interview with the director.

  • Red Dress. No Straps by Maryam Mohajer

    BAFTA-awarded filmmaker Maryam Mohajer presents her animation short Red Dress. No Straps at Zippy Frames.

  • Drop by Drop (Água Mole) by Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves

    The last habitants of a village refuse to let themselves sink into oblivion. In a world where the idea of progress appears to be above all, this home floats. Here's Drop by Drop (Água Mole) by Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves