• Chris Landreth, Uma historia de amor e furia win at 2013 Annecy Festival

    The US/Canadian Chris Landreth wins the Cristal D' Annecy (best short film), and Luiz Bolognesi with a Brazilian story of love and fury gets the award for best feature film at Annecy.  See all the winners of the 2013 festival.

  • Avi Ofer wins Annecy-Dailymotion contest

    The Israeli animator Avi Ofer won the  2013 Annecy-Dailymotion contest, "Feet in the Water, Head in the Movies".

  • Political animation: Interview with Denis Do, director of Funan

    A new feature in production details the story of troubled times in Cambodia, and finds French distribution. Director Denis Do talks to about Funan.

  • Annecy Creative Focus 2013: Selected projects

    See the list of selected projects for the Creative Focus section of the 2013 Annecy International Film Festival.

  • Chris Landreth returns to Annecy with Subconscious Password

    Chris Landreth's comeback with Subconscious Password. 

  • Annecy gives a Special Cristal Award to Jerzy Kucia

    The International Film Festival of Annecy, France is giving a Special Cristal Award to Jerzy Kucia, a master of Polish animation.

  • Monsters University premieres at Annecy Festival

    The Pixar prequel to Monsters, Inc will be the opening film at the celebrated animation festival in France.

  • Annecy + presents 22 rejected festival films at Annecy, 14/06

    One of the most original ideas is again taking place during Annecy Festival (France): Annecy + hosts short films rejected by the festival.

  • Annecy 2013 Poster

    See the festival poster for the 2013 Annecy Film Festival, designed by Arthur Collin.

  • Annecy festival 2013: Promoting the auteurs

    The new artistic director of the International Animation festival of Annecy, the Canadian Marcel Jean, explains the new changed policy of the celebrated festival.

  • Zarafa, Le Tableau, Wrinkles at the Annecy 2012: feature selection

    10 feature films, with a strong European (and French) component were selected for the offiicial Annecy film festival programme, 4-9 June 2012.

  • Annecy Selection 2012: shorts

    mage} The prestigious Annecy Film Festival announced its line-up of short films for its 2012 edition.

  • Irish animation at the spotlight of Annecy 2012

    Ireland will be at the spotlight of the 52nd Annecy Animation Festival.

  • Pixels, Rabbi's cat win at Annecy

    France conquers both awards in the short and feature-length category at the 51st International Annecy Film Festival.

  • 9 feature films for the Annecy festival

    age}The famous Annecy film festival in France unveiled 9 feature films from Spain to Corea and beyond, to complement its short competitive program.

  • Annecy 2010: The awards

    Australia and US share feature-length and short-length film respectively in the biggest animation festival in the world.

  • Annecy 2010: Day 4/Simpsons Day

    Simpsons with a lot of hit, and an interesting short film.

  • Annecy 2010: Day 3/Metropia

    Metropia day.

    While the humid weather at Annecy can be at some point unbearable, we were transferred at 9:30am (a coffee helped a lot) to South Africa before the World Cup. The first computer-animated film in stereoscopic 3D is  Jock of the Bushveld, and narrates the story of a dog that helps its boss to throw away the bad guys in the age of goldrushes.

    Remarkable in its representation of South African landscape (according to the clips we saw), and impressive in its enrollment of Tim Rice (Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Lion King) for the movie's song. It looks like this is Lion King-like movie, but more locally orinted. South African premiere: 25 March 2011.

    Then rush like crazy (without a bike) to get into an interview with Don Hahn (Beauty and the Beast, Lion King [again]), who has an insider documentary about 80s Disney and its renaissance. See the published interview here.

      The fun with festivals is that you watch movies at their own natural habitat - the silver screen. Classic shorts from animation "The ones that got away" at the Petite Salle of Bonlieu. Then you begin to realize that animation does not imply only realistic drawings. You also get the message that waiting for a movie to start entails a kling-klang frog sound from the audience.

     But Wednesday is the day of  The Village! The short film by the Greek  Stelios Polychronakis (the only Greek participation at Annecy) was shown at a shorts program with no gravity spared. It was distinct in its professional and nostalgic depiction of  an old, now abandoned, Greek village.

      In a competitive program with its most famous member being Fantastic Mr Fox, there was room for a futuristic Swedish film, η Metropia. A 2024 unified Europe by a large metro has a man who starts to hear voices in his head. He founds to follow an unknown woman. Is he crazy or just part of a big system?

    Metropia's premise is not novel. But the cold atmosphere of its animation (real photographs and computer processed), but also a humanistic touch of an ordinary man in desperation keeps the viewer alert. It includes the very much successful voice-over of Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis.

    And of course at Paquet, the big park beside the lake, today (in its French version) Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

  • Annecy 2010: Day 2

    Day of adjustment!

  • Το ελληνικό Χωριό στο φεστιβάλ του Annecy: Συνέντευξη του Σ. Πολυχρονάκη

    O Έλληνας Στέλιος Πολυχρονάκης με την ταινία το Χωριό μπαίνει στο διαγωνιστικό πρόγραμμα του φεστιβάλ κινουμένων σχεδίων του Annecy. Διαβάστε τη συνέντευξη του σκηνοθέτη στο