Aurore by Clément Soulmagnon

Aurore by Clément Soulmagnon

Ever since I was little, I dreamt of various ends of the world, but it never made me sad. I found it inspiring and relaxing. This is the feeling I wanted to put across in Aurore. I wanted to make the end of the world seem beautiful, aesthetic. - Clément Soulmagnon

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Produced by Camille Principiano, Stella Ramsden (Eddy) | Animation : Brunch studio | Production Coordination : Emilie Revert, Brice Smith | Artistic Direction : Clément Soulmagnon | Layout : Elie Martens | Animation : Elie Martens, Camille Sallan, Léo Schweitzer, Leyla Kaddoura, Théo Tran Ngoc, Vincent Albert, Clément Soulmagnon | Backgrounds : Clément Soulmagnon, Ambre Decruyenaere | Compositing : Clément Soulmagnon

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