Animated Pandas by Matúš VIZÁR wins 3rd prize at Cinéfondation, Cannes 2013

Animated Pandas by  Matúš VIZÁR  wins 3rd prize at  Cinéfondation, Cannes 2013

 The  Cinéfondation jury, headed by director Jane Campion, has chosen the 3 winning films at this year's competition at Cannes film festival.

14 live-action and 4 animated films from different animation schools all over the world competed this year at Cannes. The animated film Pandy (Pandas) by Matúš VIZÁR  from FAMU (Czech Republic), with the support of Slovak Audiovisual Fund, won the 3rd prize in the competition. The film tied in with the live-action short "In Acvariu" ("In the Fishbowl" from Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Romania).

Pandas tells a story of the incessant struggle betwen man and nature. See the trailer below:

The first two prizes were awarded to live-action short films Needles and En Attendant Le Degel.

Since 1998,  the Cinéfondation section of Cannes film festival is devoted  to the search for new talent from film and animation schools.

Read the Pandas synopsis below.

The world is moving ever so fast and humans are claiming more and more space without necessarily considering the consequences. ‘Pandas’ is caught in the middle of a game where concepts of commercialism and pure voyeuristic entertainment are put side by side with notions of animal preservation. Yet, the very same ”saviors” are tampering with natural selection processes and altering the mind of the panda, thus creating a hierarchy in terms of the value of life. ‘Panda is at this point existing at the mercy of man but all of a sudden his compromising existence is altered by events beyond his control. From that point on, a new chapter starts in the incessant struggle between man and the rest of nature.

Film Pandas was supported by Slovak audiovisual fund.


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