Time Metallurgist by Tomas Rampula animation film still

Broncos and Buffalos: Reinventing Muybridge at Anifilm Festival (GoCritic! Review)

Gijs Suy reports on two contemporary experimental animation shorts, screened at Anifilm Festival 2024 (part of our GoCritic! review series).

Fashion Victims 2.0 by Maria Lorenzo

Fashion Victims 2.0 by María Lorenzo Hernández

Spanish animator and educator María Lorenzo Hernández talks about her film, 'Fashion Victims 2.0', on the occasion of the film's online release.

Miserable Miracle animation still

'Miserable Miracle' by Ryo Orikasa

The new animation (and Oscar-qualified) film by Japanese animation filmmaker Ryo Orikasa.

The Albatross animation short by Paul Bush

The Albatross by Paul Bush (Classic Animation Frames)

A small tribute to the UK experimental animation director, Paul Bush (1956-2023). Watching his animation short 'The Albatross'.

Serial Parallels by Max Hattler

Hong Kong-based artist Max Hattler presents his experimental animation Serial Parallels.

Any Instant Whatever by Michelle Brand

Michelle Brand presents a time-warping animated experiment in her 2D animation short Any Instant Whatever. Watch her film.

Shift Simmers Slips by Lars Nagler

German animation digital artist Lars Nagler talks to Zippy Frames about his experimental, 3D animation project, Shift Simmers Slips.

Xylem by Michael Hughes

Joseph Norman interviews Michael Hughes, an Edinburgh-based animator, to discuss his highly experimental short film, Xylem, for Zippy Frames.


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