Dum Spiro: It takes more than a messenger

Dum Spiro: It takes more than a messenger

Dum Spiro: It takes more than a messenger

 A group of students at the French school ESMA, Montpellier (Boris CAILLY,Brieuc GUENOLE, Jean-Baptiste HARDION, Thomas LEMOINE, Sébastien WACKOWIEZ) have co-directed their own version of hope beyond bear obstacles.

The narrative surpsises here matter much more than the much expected humorous gags. Elegant animation  (even the big bear is charming enough) makes this a delight to watch.



Boris CAILLY,Brieuc GUENOLE, Jean-Baptiste HARDION, Thomas LEMOINE, Sébastien WACKOWIEZ
Music : Romain PAILLOT
Performed by "Hungarian Studio Orchestra"

Voices :
The roman runner : Donald REIGNOUX, Jean-Louis GARCIA
Cesar : Christian PELISSIER
Hitolf : Philippe PEYTHIEU
The bear : José VICENTE
The german : Hervé CARRASCO
Voice Recording : Lionel GAILLARDIN - Studio Bonsaï
Sound Recording and Mix : José VICENTE & Yoann PONCET - Studio des aviateurs


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